April 24, 2024
tennis shoes in India

You may find it surprising, if you are new to tennis, that choosing the right tennis shoes is essential to playing a good game. Tennis shoes in India are available in different types, and it is important for the player to understand the effectiveness of each type and choose one that suits his play best.

The fundamental thing to consider before buying tennis shoes in India is to understand their outsole; they are categorised on the basis of the surface upon which a player will play the game. Other essential metrics are comfort, durability, and weight. The lighter the shoes are, the quicker the player can reach the ball.

If you are the baseline player who plays along the back line of the court, you should select shoes with lateral support and one that offers high durability. Contrary to that, if you are a serve and volley player who frequently charges the net, then a shoe with a durable toe cap is better for you.

Can’t I play tennis in my running shoes?

While running or walking, you move forward. However, while playing tennis, a player moves right and left to hit the ball. So when playing tennis, you need shoes for side-by-side movement rather than moving forward. Tennis shoes help the player with a frequent lateral movement for quick start and stop and short sprints. Tennis shoes in India have specially designed soles according to the type of court surface a player chooses to play in. 

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Find your perfect fit:

Let’s go through the metrics you need to consider when choosing the perfect pair of tennis shoes online in India:

1) Size: Knowing your perfect size is very important. If there is no adequate space for your toe in the front of your shoes, it will create discomfort and blisters while playing. If there is extra room in the front of your shoe, it will lead to excessive movement of your toe and result in pain in the calf muscles.

2) Width: Most people buying tennis shoes in India fall in either standard or regular width shoes category. If your feet do not fall in any of these categories, it will become hard to find the perfect pair of tennis shoes for your feet. But don’t settle unless you find the right pair of wide shoes.

3) Ankles: Though this is not the problem for most, some may discover that their ankle bone touches the upper edge of their shoes and causes discomfort while playing. So it is essential to try shoes when you buy them first and check if there is any rubbing around the ankles.

Buying consideration for tennis shoes in India:

You may encounter a situation when you invested a good amount of money in buying tennis shoes online and found yourself uncomfortable while playing. We know how frustrating it feels. Getting the perfect pair of shoes is often tricky; at the same time, it’s awful to compromise with a newly bought set. 

Let us run you through some key attributes that will help you evaluate your next pair of shoes.

1) Comfort: Tennis shoes must be stiffer by nature as it is a game where shoes have to support a wide range of motion, including lateral movement. Traditionally, you should buy tennis shoes online with a generous midsole. If the shoes have a replaceable insole, you can add or remove them for extra comfort.

2) Stability: Playing tennis involves sharp and abrupt movements. You have to move side-by-side, coming forward and hitting the ball, or moving back and tracking down the ball and hitting harshly. During all these movements, the stability of shoes can come from certain places. Tennis shoes in India contain a rigid plastic insert toward the middle of a shoe sole to increase strength and avoid twisting of a shoe. Ideally, you want your foot to be locked and not sliding while you move forward as you start and stop when you hit the ball.

3) Durability:

When a player plays a match on a hard court, shoes must be durable. The outsole is the most critical component that comes into play. While playing, the toe frequently comes into contact with the court. Every player has different styles, and as per their style, a different section of shoes can scrape the ground periodically. That’s why choosing a long-lasting pair of tennis shoes is crucial.

4) Weight:

The weight of tennis shoes in India is associated with speed. When you play tennis wearing light-weight shoes, your speed increases, but wearing heavy-weight shoes feels sluggish, and your speed gets slower comparatively—resulting in poor performance. click here


While beginning your journey as a tennis player, you can study the attributes and select the one that fits you the best. After reaching the next level in the game, you can understand your style of playing the game. Your playing style also guides you while making the right choice to buy tennis shoes online. Don’t settle for a compromising deal. Our wide range of tennis shoes has got you covered.

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