February 22, 2024
living room interior designers

When moving into a new home or when it’s time for a renovation, the living room is typically one of the first areas you think about decorating or redecorating. Some rooms might be outdated or inoperable, while others might be either too big or too little.

Professionals at Merino ADCC including living room interior designers can help you with solutions for every budget, taste, and fashion preference. Here are some examples of living room makeovers that were in need of a change and experts remodeled them.

Before: Larger than necessary
Rarely do you hear someone complain about a living room having too much space when it comes to house design and remodeling? Large swaths of hardwood floors and extremely high ceilings presented significant design difficulties for professionals.

After: Clean and Compliant
The fireplace can be the focal point of a living room renovation because it acts as a visual anchor to keep the eye from rising and moving away. Built-in bookshelf above the fireplace can add vivid and strong colours, drawing the viewer’s attention to it. The new sectional and heavy leather chairs are more substantial, warm, and sturdy than a contemporary sofa and they fully fill the space.

Before: Cluttered
A fresh coat of paint isn’t enough for the crowded living room. A professional can help with his expertise to start the extensive renovation.

After: Major Shifts
In a cramped living room renovation, a wall can be removed to provide more space and create a barrier between the living area and other spaces. A plywood substrate flooring attached to a thin veneer of actual hardwood makes the space look clean and organized.

Before: Worn Out
Living rooms are designed to be used for entertaining. Clients might not want to lose their large, comfortable furniture, but designers can suggest for a few ways to get around it.

After: Inspiring
The foundation of a living room when composed of magnificent exposed wood ceiling beams and inspired neutral paint colours can leave an incredible makeover. The colour palette including, blue, provides flavour to the base hue’s neutrality harmonizes well with the beams’ light-brown wood grain.

To make your home decor both functional and gorgeous, hire an expert. Search for ‘home interior designers near me’ at websites like Merino ADCC, and find the best professional to renovate your home interior.

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