April 24, 2024

LVT has many user-friendly features, which is why interior designers from all over the world favour this flooring option. Not only is it quick to install, but it’s also simple to clean and maintain. Although they are also utilized in residential structures, LVTs are the ideal flooring solution for commercial spaces.

Additionally, you won’t be short on advantages when it comes to premium vinyl flooring. Vinyl tiles and planks have many benefits that appear to go on forever, which is why homeowners and professionals globally are so enthusiastic about them! When it comes to cleaning and maintaining luxury vinyl here are some tips that need to be followed to keep it new for long.

Cleaning Techniques for LVT
Prior to learning how to clean LVT floors, it is crucial to comprehend what LVT flooring is. The market typically offers an infinite number of flooring options, but LVT consistently distinguishes itself from the competition and demonstrates its superiority with unrivalled features. Compared to other flooring options in the market, it has a firm surface and is more sturdy.

The fact that LTV is simple to maintain and clean is one of the key factors in its widespread use. The two hassle-free methods for cleaning LVT flooring are listed below.

Regular Cleaning
Luxury vinyl flooring must be cleaned using the fundamental cleaning technique to remove any natural scratches, scuffs, water stains, etc. Use the typical LVT floor cleaning equipment, such as mops, vacuums, and brooms. Additionally, regularly dry sweep the floor to keep the dust off of it. This will avoid scratches on the floor.

Deep Cleaning
Accidents are more likely to occur in public spaces like hotels and hospitals. Some incidents result in deep scratches or stains on the floor that are challenging to remove using standard cleaning techniques. A deep cleaning method is required in this situation. It is advised to apply a powerful floor cleaner to get rid of strains. Use a polyurethane cleaner for extensive soiling. Periodically wax the floor surface to keep it looking better.

How to maintain luxury vinyl flooring?
You can add castors to the bottom of the tables and chairs to protect the LVT flooring from damage and scratches as well as to maintain it. When we sit in the chair, the floor repeatedly slides back and forth. Install walk-off mats at all entrances to assist protect the flooring from moisture, grease, sand, and dust. It’s also advised to use blinds or curtains during the height of the day. Keep solvent away from the seams; doing so could ruin it or make it mouldy.

Hope the tips given above have answered your fundamental questions about LVT flooring cleaning and maintenance. With a sufficient understanding of luxury vinyl tile maintenance, you can select the ideal option from a variety of LVT flooring selections on Merino Laminates‘ website.

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