February 28, 2024
Rate My Professor

Rate My Professors is simple enough for students to use. Students can search by school or professor name, and can leave a comment in down box.

Evaluations are kept confidential, so, students can give a five-point rating scale, and all comments. And as a result, if a student has a truly outstanding professor, the professor will obtain a 5/5, as shown on the website. There is also a space where you can write your comments regarding the class and professor. And can also about the mark you obtained.

What effect do Rate My Professors have on Students?

Students reviews plays an important part in student life as well in professor’s life. Clearly, RateMyProfessors has had a significant impact on whether or not students choose to take a professor. Furthermore, if they do decide to take a professor’s course. Research suggest that students who read reviews have a much different experience with the course.

Positive reviews cause students to be more “attracted” to professors, and this attraction leads to a positive perception of the professor, according to the trends. According to the Western Michigan study, this optimistic attitude results in tangible benefits such as increased interest in the material, higher drive to learn, and even considerably better scores when the material is tested. The psychology at work here is fascinating, because it demonstrates how important peer recommendations may be in a student’s perception of a teacher.

Given this, it’s understandable that negative professor ratings harm a professor’s reputation among students. It also affects the academic success of students in those classes. It’s also worth noting that positive evaluations might generate a positive feedback loop, in which positive ratings lead to positive opinions of a professor, which leads to more positive reviews.

What effect do Rate My Professors have on Professors?

Despite the fact that RateMyProfessors reviews have a seismic impact on how students perceive their professors, there is little evidence that these reviews have an impact on how universities evaluate their professors. “For the RTP (Retention, Tenure, and Promotion) procedure, the official student evaluations were the only ones reviewed,” claims Andrew Coile, a former Computer Science professor at California State University and current Apple Inc. employee, on an online forum.

For background, at the end of each semester, most colleges perform formal student evaluations. The institution uses these to determine things like academic tenure, and teachers utilise them to provide constructive comments. Although there has been a recent push to make the outcomes of these evaluations public. But most colleges maintain them secret (more on this later). Other academics on the site agree that institutions do not consider RateMyProfessors when hiring, promoting, or extending tenure. Given the positive feedback loop effect stated above, official course evaluations may be indirectly affected by RateMyProfessors reviews. And if this is true RateMyProfessors could have a modest effect on a professor’s status with his university.


Rate My Professor Site is the best when comes to professor/ college/ lecture reviews. Its easy to use and students can also rate or review the professors positively/negatively. As, their identity will kept confidential.

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