May 28, 2024

7th June, 2019, this day was marked as the World Food Safety Day at FSSAI headquarters, New Delhi, by the Food Safety And Standard Authority Of India, to comprehend the extraordinary undertakings of States and several food industries and people in facilitating food security. To build much-required attention on how everyone must eat food that has to be secured, as every year, nearly 500 million cases of food-borne infections take place and therefore, food safety day was commemorated.

Undoubtedly, unclean food is a danger to society – affecting both – the weak and the elite, men, women, their kids, and migrants or inhabitants – ALL OF THEM! And along with that, scarcity of food safety sickens even the international trade associated with numerous food items, which will direct to enormous wastage of food products ultimately, which can’t be accepted by a country where people perish because of starvation. Therefore, a day like this was much-required, certainly!

It is not just the restricted duty of a sole party. Rather, this responsibility should be shared between administrations, makers, and customers. To assure sustainability following food safety objectives were established:

  • There is no food protection without food safety. Ceasing hunger is about everybody getting access to safe, healthy, and adequate food all year round.
  • Food security has an immediate impact on people’s fitness and healthy intake. Food-borne diseases are curable.
  • When countries enhance their scientific, regulatory, and technical abilities to guarantee that food is secured from the normal quality throughout the food chain, they proceed towards more bearable patterns of food creation and consumption.
  • A world with yearly food exports presently over USD 1.6 trillion and food systems urges worldwide partnership across districts to guarantee food is safe. Food security is a shared duty among administrations, food enterprises, originators, and consumers.

Now that we have earned much-required understanding about this important day, let’s start performing our bit. Let’s talk about a few ideas to keep our food secured at home.

  1. Look After  Hygiene Before Starting to Cook:

Always remember to wash your hands and the slab of your kitchen before you start cooking. Also, remember to rinse all the vegetables and fruits properly to curb bacterial development.

  1. Disinfect Using Some Home Remedies:

Irrespective of whether you have made a mess, always remember to wipe and clean the kitchen slab with one tablespoon of liquid, non-fragmented bleach to a one-third quarter of water. Apart from making your kitchen slabs tidy and hygienic, it will also be an incredible gift for your mother. (As every mother is inclined to more cleanliness, they like to maintain their kitchens and keep them all polished and hygienic.) This can also make an amazing gift for your brother or sister living in a different country. Buy rakhi online and send this valuable gift.

  1. Avoid Cross-Contamination:

Always keep in mind to keep all the veggies and poultry items individually to curb any cross-contamination. Even after poultry, seafood meat, and eggs have been prepared; they must be stocked separately.

  1. Maintain The Temperature While Cooking:

It is explained that bacteria that give rise to food poisoning spread quickly between 40˚ and 140˚ F. Therefore, try to prevent this temperature while cooking. Choose the best online gift delivery shop and send amazing kitchen items to your mom or any special one.

  1. Make Food Warm:

Always remember to warm your food or microwave it up a little before you consume it. Don’t just have it chilled or after an extended hour after it has come to the normal temperature. It is asserted not to be safe.

  1. Freeze the Perishable Food Items:

Bacterias that cause food-associated diseases are told to spread fast in perishable foods within 3 hours unless the food is refrigerated. Hence, it is recommended to keep the food item in your refrigerator!

  1. Never Melt Food Items:

Not many of you know, but melting foods facilitates bacterial development quickly at normal temperatures. So, it is suggested never to melt foods and not allow the bacteria to take over your nutritional food.

  1. Tidy up The Kitchen Appliances After Using Them:

After cooking your meal, keep in mind to neaten your appliances and also the utensils used in the process of preparing dishes. Neat them properly and dry them with a kitchen towel or a neat piece of cloth while giving attention to the buttons and holds of the appliances.

  1. Wash The Vegetables Before And After Peeling:

The infections and other germs might get switched from the exterior layer to the internal layer of the vegetables. Thus, wash the veggies and soak them for a few minutes in running water before and after scraping the outer layer off.

So, these are important ways to maintain and keep your food safe in your kitchen. Follow and pass these to others whom you love. Stay Safe! Eat fresh! Be Healthy!

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