December 2, 2023
wooden jhula for baby

wooden jhula for baby

Baby jhulas come in a variety of designs and materials. A fussy baby can be soothed down with the rhythmic motion of the cradle. So buying a baby cradle is an important decision that new parents have to make. Some swings are equipped with lights, toys, and music.

If you are a new parent and wish to buy a baby cradle, here are some ideas using which you can decorate the wooden jhula for baby. You can also use these ideas to decorate the cradle for special occasions like a baby’s naming ceremony.

Nature-inspired cradle

You can cover the arms of the cradle with creepers. This is a nature-inspired cradle-cum-swing. You can go for the green shade scheme at the bottom of the cradle to make the design even more adorable.

The other parts of the jhula can also be decorated using flowers, small pots, images of butterflies, etc.

Vrindavan Theme

If you have an inclination towards Indian culture and Hindu religion, then this is a perfect theme for you. Here the baby is dressed as little Kanha or little Radha, whereas his or her jhula is decorated using peacock feathers.

You can also have a flute at one of the corners. You can make the photo session much more interesting by choosing this colorful theme.

The black swing

If you are someone who likes to keep the baby’s space clutter-free, you can go for a simple black swing. A black swing complements the monochrome scheme of the baby’s nursery.

Here the seat style is unique and is also perfect for the transitional infant-to-toddler phase. The swing offers the needful to-and-fro motion.

Royal theme cradle

You can create a canopy-like setting for your little one. This is a royal theme wooden jhula for your baby. You will feel that the baby is residing in a palace. You can choose a wooden jhula from the woodsala furniture segment where you will find so many different ideas related to a baby cradle.

A wooden cradle in itself adds a royal and sophisticated feel. Further, you can add a chandelier to the room and a royal carpet underneath. If you want to give a boost to the entire theme, you can add a canopy hanging over the swing. It will feel as if your little prince or princess is waking up from his or her royal sleep.

Portable jhula in an all-white scheme

You will love this portable jhula that is done in an all-white scheme. You can add extra layering on the top which can also act as a mosquito netting over the cradle. This is an elegant and regular style that never goes out of trend.

If you feel that your baby is tired and wants a separate space, you can move the jhula to an idle room where the baby can enjoy his sleep. This jhula looks best in all kinds of setups and décor themes. This creates the perfect sleep environment for your little one. Gentle rocking and adding a few lullabies will help your baby sleep well.

Washable jhula:

You can go for a washable jhula that is made using cloth and wood. This is an eco-friendly jhula that is less likely to harm your baby. This jhula is a theme in itself. You don’t need to add any fancy decoration theme to this washable jhula. This is a simple-looking and cute little jhula that you can buy for your little one.

To Sum It Up You can decorate the wooden jhula for your baby with any theme that you like. If you choose a unicorn theme, you can add unicorn-themed stickers, pillows, etc. you can make your baby’s naming ceremony special by adding some themes to his jhula.

You can make a video and click some pictures so that when the baby grows old, he would enjoy what his parents did for him. Also, you can go for regular themes in case you wish to continue the same till the baby grows old. You can also keep the theme of the entire hall to complement the way you have decorated your baby’s jhula.

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