February 22, 2024
cat online coaching

It is rightly said, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life”. Good coaching can change the whole game of your CAT preparation. If you want your CAT online preparation to be top-notch, you have come to the right place.

This article will answer all your questions about whether you should opt for coaching or not, classroom or online coaching, and many more.

CAT 2022

CAT is one of the most popular MBA entrance tests, held annually for admissions in IIMs and other elite b-schools in India. It is the route for the top B-schools in the country. In 2022, CAT will be conducted in November. With more than 2 lakh aspirants appearing for the exam, CAT offers tough competition for the limited admission seats. Here, CAT Coaching classes come to the rescue.

Due to COVID-19 spread and social distancing precautions, online coaching programs have gained popularity among CAT 2022 aspirants. Online classes are convenient for students in many ways.

Why do you need CAT coaching?

Most of the MBA aspirants are doing their graduation or working in 9-to-5 jobs. To start from scratch is sure to cost a lot of time and energy. If guided by experts and experienced mentors, aspirants can put a dedicated and focused effort into CAT preparation. The coaching centers aim to prepare students with advanced and flexible teaching methods. At Hitbullseye, we have prepared complete CAT coaching classes for your best preparation. All our study packages are tailored to fulfil your need for CAT Exam preparation at your convenience and suitability. Besides, we also extend sources to let you gear up for exhaustive CAT preparation beforehand.

CAT Online Coaching VS CAT Classroom Coaching

CAT Online CoachingCAT Classroom Coaching
Students can take a class anywhere as a commute is not required.Commuting to the coaching center is required.
Every student is given personal attention because of the easy and flexible access to communication.Personal attention to every student is less because a student might be a part of large classrooms with many students and rigid schedules. 
Students can access recorded study material if missed.One must be present in every class as it will not be repeated afterwords in offline classrooms.
It is more time-saving due to a lack of attendance procedures and travel. It is more time-consuming due to the attendance procedures and travel. 
Online Classes are cost-efficient as students need to buy fewer books as the study material is available online. In Classroom, coaching student needs to buy physical books and test papers, making it cost-inefficient.
No delay in learning as the classes generally start on time.Classes may start late due to travel issues, resulting in delayed learning.
Students can access the class multiple times.No such facility is provided for in-classroom coaching.
The advantage of online CAT preparation is that it promotes self-study techniques among the candidates.Despite charging a premium fee, classrooms do not promote self-study.

Features of CAT Online Coaching

Considering the needs of different aspirants, we have devised comprehensive online courses for CAT preparation. Our experienced faculty has provided courses covering all the CAT Syllabus topics and extensive study material. Once you get comfortable with the features of online classes, you can decide upon the course you want to enrol in. Given below are the main features of our CAT online coaching:

Live lectures

Interactive live classes are conducted to provide conceptual clarity on all the essential topics of CAT. Students can choose the weekend or weekday batch timings as per their suitability.

Special Doubt Sessions

Every concept class has a doubt session, facilitating faster query resolution and better learning.

Big Bull ki Pathshala

There are exclusive live sessions on strategy and tricks by toppers, top-college alumni, and industry experts. These sessions are conducted periodically, after every 15 days.

Smart Delivery Model

Our academic delivery model includes pre-class and post-class learning systems for students. Students can take both in-class and after-class tests, accompanied by immediate feedback from faculty. There are three batches available for students that cover three parts of the syllabus, wherein you can attend all three and complete the syllabus within two months or in consecutive order.

Mock Test

Along with the national-level mock tests, you can take sectional and chapter-wise practice tests to get a hold of each topic. You can learn about your performance in comparison to other aspirants. After every test, detailed analysis provides students with a glimpse of their weak and strong areas. Besides, you get a national-level percentile to let you know where you stand relative to other aspirants.

Complete Study Material

Every chapter includes exhaustive preparatory material, recorded video lectures, ebooks, assignments, etc. You can go through the video/e-lectures any number of times. Apart from the academic material, you will get to know about the tips, strategies, and shortcuts for various types of CAT questions.

Personalized Mentoring

We have 24X7 discussion groups where you can interact with our mentors and other aspirants. Students can join our online GDPI courses and groups for expert guidance and B-School counselling. Our students get 1-to-1 mentoring throughout their preparation journey.


With a pandemic outbreak, studying in classrooms full of students would be a cause of concern. Therefore the popularity of online courses will increase rapidly. Aspirants must opt for CAT online coaching to prepare for their exams flexibly and efficiently.

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