October 6, 2022
CLAT 2023

The admission for Law courses that are to begin in 2023, will be done through CLAT 2023. The CLAT 2023 exam will be held on 18 December 2022 which was otherwise expected to take place around May 2023. So, the exam is going to be held almost 5-6 months prior to the expected date. Therefore, there is a lot of anxiety amongst the aspirants as to how the CLAT syllabus can be completed on time. But you don’t have to worry, we bring to you some tips and tricks to not only complete the syllabus on time but also revise the syllabus and feel confident about your preparation. But, first, we need to look at the CLAT syllabus to better understand the CLAT exam pattern and syllabus. It will help you effectively plan your preparation and thereby complete the CLAT syllabus in time.

CLAT 2023: Exam Pattern

However the CLAT 2023 official notification is yet to be released by the consortium of NLUs, but the exam pattern does not witness many alterations and updation. Therefore, we can anticipate the exam pattern by looking at the previous years’ question papers. We have deduced a tentative CLAT 2023 exam pattern. 

S.No.SubjectsQuestions(approx.)WeightageCLAT total marks
1English including Comprehension28-3220%28-32
2General Knowledge and Current Affairs35-3925%32-35
3Legal Reasoning35-3925%35-39
4Logical Reasoning28-3220%28-32
5Quantitative Techniques13-1710%13-17


CLAT entrance exam aims to assess the candidates’ aptitude for legal studies and general knowledge. Checking factual knowledge is not the prime focus. That makes CLAT one of the most difficult entrance exams. There are mainly 5 sections in all and each aims to check a different kind of knowledge and ability of the learners. 

To understand CLAT Syllabus, the following blueprint can be referred to:

  • English- Comprehension Passages, Grammar, Word Meanings, incorrect/correct sentences.
  • Mathematics- Algebra, Profit and loss, time and work, average, speed and distance, permutation-combination and Venn Diagram, statistical estimation, Mensuration.
  • General Knowledge- Static general knowledge including History, Polity, Geography, Environment, etc.
  • Current affairs- national and international importance, sports, new appointments, awards, honors, etc.
  • Logical Reasoning- Logical and Analytical reasoning skills
  • Legal Aptitude- Study of law, Research aptitude, Problem-solving ability, Questions based on hypothetical situations, and Important court decisions.

Once the candidates are well aware of the syllabus and the exam pattern, they can start their preparations.


Now let us focus on the question that is arising due to less time left for CLAT 2023 exam: How to complete the CLAT Syllabus on time?  The candidates can employ the following strategies to complete the CLAT 2023 syllabus.

General tips:

  1. The candidates must start the preparations as soon as possible. Already due to preponing of the exam there is less time left for the exam, so the candidates must make best use of the time.
  2. The candidates must build a study plan, because strategic preparation and persistent efforts are the key to acing CLAT exam.
  3. Be well aware of the basic details about the exam like eligibility criteria, syllabus, exam pattern, exam duration etc. These details will help the candidates maximize their score by properly strategizing their preparations.
  4. Looking at the exam pattern and the syllabus, the candidate must segregate the topic on a spectrum of highly important topics to least important topics.
  5. Study all subjects daily. Leaving any subject behind does not help in getting a good CLAT score.
  6. Start your preparations with topics that you are a little familiar with. It will help you build confidence. Further, dealing with tedious topics or concepts would get easier.
  7. Identify areas of weakness and strengths. On the basis of this identification, give time to each topic. The ones that you are confident with must be given time but less than the ones you feel not so sure about.
  8. Take up the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. Another alternative could be taking a subscription of a monthly current affairs magazine. It will help you follow daily current affairs. The current affairs section is considered the most difficult section out of all the other sections, but with these practices, facing the current affairs section won’t be difficult.
  9. Work on your reading skills as all the sections include passages which are followed by a set of questions for the candidates to answer. So the candidate must refine their reading skills otherwise the chances of leaving questions unattempted will increase substantially. Try to solve 5 reading comprehension passages each day. It will not only help increase speed but accuracy and vocabulary too.
  10. Attempt as many  mock tests and samples as possible. Mock test will help you build your temperament for the exam and give you good practice on the actual CLAT exam.
  11. Keep sufficient time for revision. Revision should be a weekly and monthly virtual. Don’t wait until the syllabus is completed, to begin with the revision. 

Apart from these tips we recommend you include the following activities in your daily study routine. It will surely help you maximize your CLAT score.

Activities/ TopicsTime to be devoted
Reading Newspaper45 Minutes
Vocabulary enhancing1 Hour
Current Legal Knowledge1 Hour
Quantitative Questions1 Hour
Logical/ Analytical Reasoning45 Minutes
Grammar and Passage Reading1-1.5 Hours
Daily Revision1.5 Hours
Previous year papers solvingTwice a week
Take Mock TestsOnce a week

All the above-mentioned exercises, tips and tricks are small steps that will help make a difference. Thousands of candidates appear for the exam each year, but only a few thousands of them get admission through CLAT. The difference is made through the kind of strategies the candidates opt for while preparing for the exam. Therefore, we highly recommend that you listen or read testimonies of experts and toppers of the field. They tend to extensively talk about their exam preparation techniques and strategies. So opt for the ones that make sense to you and make your own effective and efficient exam preparation piso wifi pause plan. 

Exam preparation demands effort at each level. Give in your best and you will ace the exam. All the very best to you.

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