February 22, 2024
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Playing cards is a popular past-time activity. Some people like to play them at parties while some want to play for fun. In India, most people view it as promising to play cards even at the festivals like Diwali.

There are many roulette games online to play with cards, and Teen Patti is one of them. Recent statistics show that the popularity of online Teen Patti is skyrocketing compared to others. You can earn money by playing Teen Patti online for fun and relaxation. So, together with entertainment, it is profitable too.

To play the roulette game online, Teen Patti needs some skills. Whether an expert in Teen Patti or a beginner, you must consider some strategies before playing it. After all, you do not have jade eyes to win every time. Using strategies will help you in reducing the risks of losing the game.

This blog will help you with some tips and strategies to win significant reward amounts in Teen Patti.

Best Tips and Strategies to Play Teen Patti

1. Start with a small bet

Start your roulette game online with the investment of a small amount. Later on, increase the investment amount gradually. This strategy will let you learn the rudiments of this game clearly and prevent you from draining your money and getting bankrupt.

2. Play a blind game

A blind game is always captivating and lets you easily win over newcomers. When you start to bet without looking at your cards, it makes the opponent emotionally unstable, and that could be a good chance for you to overpower and win the game.

3. Do not show your emotions

Teen Patti is a game of emotions. It will affect your thinking if you cannot control your emotions and rationality during a roulette game online, Teen Patti, and there will be a high chance of losing the game.

4. Remember and notice your competitor’s moves

To win the game, this is necessary to recall the cards thrown by the players. It helps you in guessing your opponent’s moves. This way, they will never get a chance to be at a better hand than yours.

5. Take advantage of the bonus and capitalise on your money

Teen Patti provides bonuses to entice the players. You can take advantage of this bonus and use it for new stakes. You can also save this bonus and use it as you may like or invest in playing another game. 

How to play blind games in Teen Patti?

It is straightforward to understand. You all must decide to bet without seeing your cards and remember two things. 

  1. You can see your cards at any time after placing your bet.
  2. By betting blind, you can match or double the value of the bet placed by the player before you, who has also bet blind. If you are first in this round, the value of your bet must be equal to or double that of the ante.

Although roulette games online often let you win, the risk of losing money is also high. After all, it is also a format of gambling. So, it is better to play wisely and strategically and always observe your opponent, their gestures and feelings, and then make the stakes. 

How to win in Teen Patti?

You can play a blind game and up the stakes before anybody else. Such an approach generally causes inexperienced players to play carelessly and lose quickly. High stakes can lead to more emotional behaviour, making it easier to understand many players. Start your stakes with a small amount, which will not let you lose much.

Can Teen Patti replace Poker in India?

It is hard to say as both are not comparable games. Teenpatti online and Poker have made their considerable headways. They have carved their niche and are independent of each other.


Digital effects, a chance to socialize, improvement in using technology, brain activeness, and stress buster all make playing with cards more beneficial and attractive. Now, with the advancement in technology, roulette games online are getting more admiration from the public. You can play whenever and wherever you want!

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