September 25, 2023

Periods are one of the most common things that every woman tends to go through in their life. That is why ask any girl what periods blues are and they will write a full fledge essay to make you acknowledge.

Period blues are a real subject and people need to be more aware of it and its consequences. Menstruation is one of a kind roller coaster that takes women on a ride. According to the best gynecologist in Faisalabad, people need to be aligned with several do’s and dont’s so the discomfort can be minimized. 

There are certain obligations that one must keep in mind regarding what you need to eat and what you need to avoid during periods so that you can enjoy better health and prospects. 

Things that You Can Do During Periods

One of the first concerns of most women is the things that they can eat during periods. They are often asking questions about what to eat. It is a common thing to be curious about. Most of the time girls are suffering from such bad period cramps that they tend to skip meals but this is the last thing that they should do. 

During menstruation, a women’s body suffers from a great loss of blood which can lead to depleting energy levels. Therefore in the favor of your blood glucose levels, make sure to eat on time. 

Leafy Green

Stop underestimating the value of leafy greens as they offer enough supply of red blood cells to the body. This reduces your chances of anemia. Anemia is a serious medical condition in which a person suffers from dangerously low levels of iron in the blood. Therefore, even if you are not a fan of leafy greens why not consume them during periods because it is the high time for such nutrients.

Make sure to consume a lot of iron-rich foods as they are the ultimate source of red blood cells and good liver functions. 


Mostly girls are complaining about bloating and bad cramps. That is when you should rely on the many wonders of ginger. Ginger tea is going to make all the difference in the world. 

Ginger is a colorful spice that not only alleviates the flavor of your food but also helps with inflammation. It also helps with nausea and vomiting. Why we are recommending ginger tea because ginger tea will provide your body with the much necessary warmth. 


Quinoa is another whole grain that you need to keep track of during periods. It is rich in fiber and thus it helps with the whole process of bowel movements. 

In addition to fiber, quinoa also comes with a bundle of 

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Magnesium

Furthermore, quinoa promises good health as it does not have any sort of gluten content in it. Therefore feel free to eat it even if you are suffering from celiac disease. 


Yeast infections are one of the common complications that women tend to suffer during periods. Therefore make sure to keep up with the fiber intake so that your stomach is grounded and does not bloat. 

Yogurt does not only help with the metabolism but also improves the aftereffects of yeast infections in the body, preventing you from serious and various health complications. 

The Dont’s of Periods


Although coffee is often a go-to mood booster you should not drink it because too much caffeine can alleviate the overall symptoms of periods and bloat. The caffeine in it also contributes to breast tenderness. Therefore make sure to avoid coffee during periods.

Breast Exam

It can be difficult to determine or diagnose breast abnormalities during periods. Menstruation is the high time when women undergo hormone release which can lead to breast tenderness. Therefore make sure to not schedule a breast exam during periods. 

Quit Smoking

Smoking not only has a worse effect on your lungs and kidneys but also increases the instances of inflammation. All the carcinogens in nicotine smoke might lead to increased inflammation and thus worse impacts on the stomach and might lead to bloating. 

Too Much Sodium

Women who are suffering from period cramps should definitely avoid sodium. Too much sodium can lead to bloating and therefore is often a reason for period blues. It is also high time for people to consume sodium because of all the cravings. But make sure to keep your hands away from all the stuff as it can cause serious discomfort. 

The Bottom Line

Periods are a crucial time in a women’s life that if not catered properly might lead to serious health complications.

Therefore make sure to keep in check what are the things that you need to do or that you do not need to do during such times. Make sure to consult with a gynecologist if you facing such discomfort, 

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