February 22, 2024

If you use Instagram, you should know that if you watch a story, the owner of the account would know. In fact, Instagram allows us to know all the people who have seen our story in the order in which they have seen us. If you are reading this article, it is because you would like to see stories on Instagram without being seen . It is necessary to install a modified version of Instagram, which, in addition to not being seen when watching a story on Instagram, also allows you to download a photo or video that you like on Instagram, but also to repost on your Insta without downloading it, just change the description and hashtags and the post becomes yours (I know it is a scam!).

One of the best and popular apps available for iPhone/iPad is “Snoopreport”. The app is available free and has a simple and modern user interface. To use this app, just enter the username of the person whose story you want to watch using Instagram tracker.  You can also broadcast an Instagram live anonymously with this tool. The application allows you to upload profile pictures, messages and videos, photos of any user, all without knowing anyone. Moreover, it has an inbuilt gallery feature, which displays all the uploaded stories and images.

Although there are no native PC/Mac apps available, there are plenty of web services that make it easy for any user to view and share Instagram stories. All the tools available online guarantee complete anonymity and privacy, as you don’t even need to log into your Instagram or other accounts.

Instagram Stories is a huge hit, allowing people to share small, fleeting snippets of their lives every day, embellished with illustrations and stickers. The only downside is that when you watch someone’s stories, the person on the other side is notified. Luckily, this third-party Chrome extension solves that problem by letting you view Stories in complete anonymity.

Before taking the screenshot on your smartphone, quickly switch to airplane mode, this will prevent Instagram servers from knowing what you are doing. If you are one of the few people watching Instagram and its stories from a web browser on a computer, you can take endless screenshots. It would be cool if Instagram had an anonymous mode for us to see other people’s stories but although it is not a native feature, to see Instagram stories anonymously you have to use more specific apps.

We will tell you how you can view Instagram stories using third-party apps or websites, without other users knowing, because Instagram currently displays a list of all users who have viewed the stories. Snoopreport is the page we will use to display Instagram Stories anonymously. This only works if the user has the public account and has not restricted stories to their best friends. Just enter your username and all stories will be displayed.

We can view them online and download them to our device. If we want to use Snoopreport every day, you can always add a desktop shortcut. When Instagram Stories came out, users thought it was a Snapchat knockoff. Until 2019 when it grew by leaps and bounds. It has over 400 million daily active users. According to Instagram, Stories allow users to share photos and videos of their day. Just like Snapchat, this feature has filters and effects. More importantly, they also disappear during the day.

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