November 30, 2023
desert safari Dubai

Hey! Is this question pricking your mind whether desert safari Dubai is a secure place for families or not? Oh c’mon! There isn’t any need to give a place to such a question in your mind because it is a quiet safe family- spot. Let’s have a detailed discussion about it.

Desert Safari Dubai a Precious Gem:

On the sand stretches of the Arabian Desert, a desert safari in Dubai has an inestimable significance. The ultimate recreational destination provokes the act of pursuing the beauty of serenity and long-established civilization from the drabness of the city. Excluding from the desert’s attributes like scorching sun, the palpitation of sand, and lack of water; Desert Safari can be a playground. It is a source of both leisure and thrill on the land of Dubai, that makes the country such a best-loved place for the tourists to spend holidays. The exotic experience in this beautiful and vast desert is a state, as if someone is feeling the bliss of the seventh heaven.

The most favourable time period to visit the desert safari is from November to March. The weather is fine and salubrious with a large number of thrills for the people of all ages.

Is Desert Safari Safe for Families?

A tour with the duration of 6 hours is fully embedded with intense passion. Hence, under the supervision of the most reputable and incorruptible companies, the visit to Desert Safari Dubai is absolutely safe. So, if you are planning your visit with your family, you must contact the reliable companies like Dubai Adventure, Trip Advisor, and Arabian Adventures. These play an important role to put your journey in the list of specialities.

Pregnant Women, Kids, and Old-Aged People:

Desert Safari Dubai is an effective centre of hilarious activities coupled with the spice of passion and self-possession. But this uproarious adventure is not recommended safe for the pregnant women, kids under 5 years, and the old retirees. But it really doesn’t mean that there is not any fun for them. They can enjoy a lot on the vast sandy landscape, excluding sand dune bashing from their merry-making list. They can directly go for camel ride, falcons watching, and taking rest in the camps. The desert activities become boring for the kids and they do not derive any element of pleasure from it.

Sand-Fun in Desert Safari Dubai:

But there are, of course, ways to make your travel safer. Desert Safari Dubai is comprised of a variety of sand sports; sand dun bashing in 4×4 wheels jeeps, Quad bike ride, and sand boarding but with amateur operators/guides. The automobiles are quite secure arctic, and safely equipped with all first aids. The security seat belts make your adventure of bashing up and down the red sand dunes more secure and enliven.

Evening Desert Safari:

The most suitable time to visit desert safari is, the sinking of the sun in the massive red dunes. Followed by the tranquil atmosphere of the desert at night with the embellishment of stars on the sky, having lively musical and dance shows with enticements of henna painting, Hookah smoking, B.B.Q dinner, and several photoshoots.

Precautions Need to Stay Safe on Desert Safari Dubai:

  1. Follow the tour operator’s advice.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  3.  Keep yourself hydrated.
  4.  Have a big quantity of sun block.
  5.  Wear sunglasses & have umbrella.
  6.  Check the car safety with all essential features of air bags, A.C, secure seat-belts, and roll-cages to avoid mishaps.
  7.  Avoid valuable things with you like jewellery, watches etc

Final Thought:

To conclude, Desert Safari Dubai is an absolutely safe place for recreational enthrals. It is ideal access to explore the dazzling flora and fauna of the vast desert land.

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