February 22, 2024

In this article, we will discover together how iTop VPN works and all the advantages that this provider can offer you in regards to anonymous and secure browsing on the web. How many times have you wished for a definitive way to be able to surf the Internet and enjoy 100% of your right to privacy?

In this regard, the VPN comes to your rescue! Often, in order not to be traceable on the web, you try other solutions such as incognito browsing or proxy servers, only to discover that they offer a slight veil of anonymity, but on the other hand they reserve many flaws.

If you are ready to discover this fantastic solution for anonymous browsing, let’s get started!

What is a VPN and what is it for

Before talking about how iTop VPN works, let’s start with the basic concept, which is what a VPN is and what it is for. The latter stands for Virtual Private Network and is the simplest, most effective and economical way to surf anonymously and safely on the web.

Through VPN software you can in fact mask the IP address, making it impossible to trace the searches you do to your person.

Using a VPN can help you for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • browse in a protected and safe manner, without fear of theft and the use of your personal data by third parties
  • bypass the regional blocks on certain websites
  • 100% legal method
  • use services from other countries, which otherwise would not be available
  • make purchases at lower prices on sites

How iTop VPN works

To answer the question “how iTop VPN works “, you need to know that it takes care of creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the final server for your searches. To do this, it masks your IP address, putting another one corresponding to the server you chose at the beginning. In fact, if you decide to verify the location of your IP address, you will notice how your location appears to be in the country you have selected.By, you will be entitled to a73% discount and instead of paying 164.85 $ per month, you will pay only 43.

Just think… less than two coffees a month and you can protect your data and searches from anyone! Not to mention the other benefits of using a VPN, which I listed a little while ago. In addition, various payment methods are accepted here.

How to download iTop VPN         

In fact, you can take advantage of its services in two ways: through the website or by downloading the application directly from the Play Store (available for Android and iOS). Additionally, a software version is also available to add as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

To start using iTop VPN right away, just go to the site (for PC) or install the application on your smartphoneand select the subscription you want to subscribe. Then create your credentials and log in to the website. Once inside, just select your operating system and download the corresponding .exe package.

Now you just have to follow the instructions for the installation wizard and configure VPN, which is melhor VPN para PC. The game is done! Once installed, you just need to log in, decide which server in the world you want to connect to and start browsing. It was simple, wasn’t it?

ITop VPN review

Ultimately, iTop VPN’s review is absolutely positive. Really important is the presence of the 30-day guarantee with the “satisfied or reimbursed” formula that allows you to immediately evaluate the seriousness of the company.

Furthermore, the quality-price ratio allows this VPN to position itself in the top positions of the ranking in its sector. The software, in app and website format, is intuitive, fast and above all full of useful features that will allow you to increase your privacy.

Moreover, as already mentioned above, this VPN is among the fastest and also allows you to use Torrent and Netflix, the use of which is not always supported and included in the various software.

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