December 7, 2023

If your organization doesn’t have a Facebook account, It’s time to start investing in one. Facebook and Facebook are extremely connected, and by integrating the two platforms, your company could appear more credible and gain followers on two platforms with similar content. Are you unsure where to begin? Please look at our article about six ways you can use Facebook to further your mission.

Utilize Facebook Live.

A new feature Facebook launched in the year 2016 was Facebook Live. It allows all public and personal profile pages to live stream videos to their fans. Facebook Live is incredibly valuable in boosting page views. Not only do users receive notifications directly to their phones when a page becomes life; however, they also can interact with the live stream in real-time, sharing emotions and commenting on the video when it’s being created. Read our post regarding Using Facebook Live to Grow Your Cause to get ideas for what you can publish and how to increase the reach of your charity click here.

Consider Facebook Ads.

Use Facebook Ads to grow the number of people who follow your page. According to Invesco, 90% of all social marketing professionals utilize Facebook for marketing. They typically have increases of 23 per cent in engagement with posts, 20% on web clicks and 13% in page likes. Facebook Ads are ads that your organization pays for Facebook users. The most important aspect of using Facebook Ads is considering the ROI–your page’s likes and fundraising efforts are likely to rise; however, is it worth the cost? Find out more information regarding Facebook advertisements here.

Engage with other users.

In terms of engagement, nobody wants to follow a page only to be able to view them post random, irrelevant content constantly. Engaging with your followers, constituents, and other page owners on Facebook is essential to increase the number of people who follow you. Making sure you leave thoughtful, informative or humorous messages or replies to others on your page on Facebook is an excellent method to showcase your brand’s personality and earn more likes.

Make use of hashtags.

It is possible to think that hashtags are more than a “Twitter thing,” and they are, but they are getting more attention on Facebook too. They are a method to link ideas and subjects across various profiles, pages, and public groups. Utilizing hashtags, it is possible to ensure that your posts are seen by users who might not follow your page. People who browse through Facebook using similar hashtags could stumble upon your post and decide to like your organization’s page by clicking on it. Find out more about hashtags by reading this article.

Post at optimal times.

The time you post is equally important to think about as the content you share. According to Co Schedule, the ideal time to publish for posting on Facebook is between the hours of 1:00 to 4:10 pm4:10 pm when it is that are late into the week and on weekends. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays will get between 18-32% more engagement over Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. In addition, posting at 3:00 pm3:00 pm in the afternoon can earn the most views; posting at 11:30 is the time that tends to get the most shares. Make sure you research the most appropriate times to publish on Facebook and schedule posts during these times to increase viewers, engagement, and followers.

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