February 25, 2024

Strengthening the nails after the gel is a very important step. We know, those beautiful colored, shiny, long and strong looking nails are irresistible to so many of us.

Those who do not have time to devote to applying traditional nail polish (which, however beautiful it may be, tends to get damaged within 2 or 3 days), often opts for more practical gimmicks, such as semi-permanent polish or gel for nails. . The latter is highly appreciated by women who want to devote themselves to the beauty of their hands, but who don’t have time to do it. What better solution than a nail polish that lasts almost a month? Who wouldn’t try it?

Unfortunately, although the gel is extraordinarily beautiful, in some cases it can also weaken our nails, making them more fragile. The reason is simple: the removal of the gel is rather “aggressive”, and it is for this reason that it must always be performed by qualified nail technicians, who are able to remove the enamel and the gel without damaging the natural base. Even with all the precautions, it can happen that you end up with soft, sensitive and slightly damaged nails.

What to do then? Simple, it will be necessary to take care of them, to strengthen them and make them healthier. So let’s see what are the tips to follow to take care of your nails after the gel.

How to strengthen your nails after the gel

If you have just taken the gel off your nails, and the result seems to be somewhat disappointing (brittle nails and damaged appearance), it is time to take action. Know that to return the nails to their original splendor you will need to be patient. You will have to take care of it for a few months, but the result will pay off!

What are the steps to follow to take care of your hands!

1. Protect your nails: When washing dishes or doing housework, but also when opening a jar or airtight box, be careful not to damage your nails further. If you can, use gloves to prevent them from coming into contact with aggressive detergents and products.

2. Short is better: keep your nails short during this time. However, avoid cutting them with a nail clipper, also use a special gel nail wraps this will be very useful, since the nail may tend to flake and break. Keeping your nails short will make them grow stronger and without further trauma.

3. Help from nature: even nature can be our ally! For example, try applying a pack based on extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Just pour some oil into a small bowl, heat it slightly (so that it becomes lukewarm) and add a few drops of lemon. Then, dip your fingers into the bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and admire the result. In addition to having softer hands, you will also have neat nails (the treatment allows you to eliminate the cuticles) and gradually stronger and stronger. Give this cuddle to your hands once a week to quickly appreciate the first results.

The importance of hydration

Finally, a little bonus tip! Pay attention to hydration! Not only from the inside (by drinking your 2 liters of water every day), but also from the outside, applying creams and beneficial products on your hands.

In addition to a good moisturizer, aloe vera gel can also prove very useful. Apply it to your hands and massage your nails once a day. Alternatively, coconut oil, jojoba oil and almond oil will do just fine too!

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