February 6, 2023
Instagram stories viewer 2022

instagram stories viewer count could have reached 500m over night

Over the last 24 hours, Instagram Stories’ number of daily viewers grew by an incredible 125 million users, passing 500 million as of Monday, the company announced on Monday.

The Stories app, which rolled out for all users in August, allows users to upload a string of pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours.you can use different tools for instagram like Picuki which helps you to find tags, profiles. This is an amazing editor and viewer. And you can also use different igtools for attract more followers. Dumpor is an interesting tool for watching profiles, tags, videos etc on instagram.SmiHub provided a view of Instagram stories and made it possible to download them without any Instagram account Last month, Instagram expanded the Stories format with the introduction of Instagram Stories Spots, which lets publishers post videos and ads within a camera effect for a limited time.

“It’s been an incredible month at Instagram,” David Ginsberg, director of research at Facebook, said in a blog post. “The pace of growth is a result of these Stories features working well and the continuous improvements to the product, not just Stories but Instagram overall.”

Instagram comparison

Instagram’s Stories were a hit with users, but Facebook has been wary of letting the feature take hold of its platform. The company introduced a Stories format on Facebook with mixed results. In 2016, Facebook shut down the Stories feature entirely and made the tool available only to a few high-profile media companies and businesses.

Late last year, the company rolled out the feature to all users and began testing out a new “Stories” tab in the app that gives users access to the same features on the top of the app as the Stories section on Instagram. On Monday, the company unveiled the ability to post a custom background and overlaid emoji

How to increase your Instagram followers?

  • get you someone on your page to follow you
  • get you a custom background
  • play with different stickers and overlays
  • see who’s viewed your profile
  • view your mentions
  • view your saved posts
  • add a new photo or video to your story
  • view the top five stories of your friends
  • find influencers to follow
  • save your favorite posts
  • view a recap of your last 10 posts
  • like your friends’ stories
  • follow your friends
  • comment on your friends’ stories
  • follow the accounts you follow
  • more Instagram features explained

Instagram didn’t disclose how many Stories viewers it currently has. According to Sensor Tower’s analysis of Android usage data from Google Play, the Stories feature had a little over 1% of the overall US mobile user base in

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