May 30, 2023
Rent Collection App

Rent was typically collected with cash or cheques for many years, however, in the past ten years, things have altered significantly. Rent payment applications and other electronic payment methods are currently dominating the market. For the optimal use of these upgraded services, landlords—new as well as experienced—must understand more regarding these rent collecting applications.

Online rent collection applications offer landlords a number of advantages, and most owners who switch to using such payment methods discover that rent flows in more regularly and reliably as a result of the move. We reviewed the highest ranked rent collecting applications for owners to assist you to choose the best solution for your properties.


Without an estate manager, landlords who manage their own properties may improve rent collecting using the landlord technology tool Avail, which is controlled by®. Avail would automatically give your renters a reminder of their impending payments well before the deadline if you arrange them in advance.

Rent, safety deposit charges, move-in costs, and other expenses can all be paid by tenants using a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Payment service costs are 3.5 percent for credit as well as debit card transactions and $2.50 for banking transfers.

You can manage rent collection plus keep a record of all the rental transactions in one spot with, formerly called Cozy. Similar to Avail, you may view all of the rent payments, safety deposits, plus move-in charges you’ve received in one location.

In order to make sure that renters are informed about when the upcoming payment is needed, the software also emails them reminders about payments. Rent can be paid using a bank account for free, as well as with a credit, debit, or cash card for just a 2.75 percent charge.

Zillow Rental Manager

With the aid of the Zillow Rental Manager, you may accept rent payments instantly and keep track of their progress through your portal. Using any debit card will cost you $9.95, using any credit card will cost you 2.95 percent, and using any checking account will cost you nothing. Based upon the tenant’s preferred mode of payment, processing payments might take three through five working days.

Rentec Direct

Landlords must enroll in a payment plan that costs $35 – $40 every month even though there is no startup charge with Rentec Direct. The business charges a monthly fee for property management services including tenant verification and empty property advertising in order to provide an electronic rent payment option. Tenants have the option to set up recurring monthly withdrawals from their checking accounts, as well as to pay via phone, online, or even both.


An internet rent payment application is part of the internet property managing software system known as RentRedi. Three price tiers are available from the business, with monthly rates varying from $9 (given yearly) to $19.95 (month by month).

 It is possible to set up automatic rent repayments and notifications, with the owner or renter covering any processing costs. When a tenant will not really pay by their given deadline, the software can be configured to automatically impose the late fee.


Buildium is designed for landowners with a collection of 50 homes or more. To open a profile with Buildium and make use of all services, you may expect to pay somewhere between $50 as well as $460 per month. Tenants may pay online using monthly payments as well as one-time payments which you may set up. Using ePay, the money is then transmitted the exact same day, however processing timeframes might vary.


Easy payment monitoring, automated payment notifications, and receipt filing are all offered by TurboTenant. Like other sites, rent can be paid using a bank account for no fee or with any debit or credit card for just a transaction fee of 3.49 percent.

Housemates have the opportunity to divide rent payments rather than one individual paying the entire rent amount, plus tenants can submit their rent amounts into TransUnion freely using this Rent Reporting tool.


In addition to options for promoting and marketing unoccupied rentals, digital tenant verification and lease signings, submitting maintenance needs, accounting, plus reporting are included. Plans with monthly fees centered on a yearly membership vary from $0 to $40.


There is no app that is “the greatest” in collecting rent. There are a lot of rent collecting applications and affordable rent calculators available, each with its own features and costs. Before selecting the best option, examine features, prices, and reviews.

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