December 1, 2023

As chief meteorologist for News 2, Daniel Breezy was always ready to weather the storm. You need to be on camera 24/7 to handle great live performances. But he still makes time to connect with his community… and loves every moment

Work and life

Tne: Where are you passionate about what you do?

DB: I got a call from a meteorologist named Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz who was talking to my eighth grader.

TNE: Influential women.

DB: He is a strong and thoughtful leader in his field and community.

Tene: What gets you excited to get out of bed each morning?

DB: My job was at News 2. They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work in your life – I agree!

Tne: What life lesson do you have to learn soon?

DB: I believe in forgiveness. Life is too short.

Tyne: Words, mantras, or sayings that have meaning in your life.

DB: “Carpe diem” means capture today and that’s how I live my life.

Tyne: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

DB: My parents were involved when I was a kid. From driving to sporting activities to help me transition to a new place in my career it was my rocks with my husband Joe Breezy.

TNE: Sunny Escape.

DB: I love Mexico and Bora Bora. But you can go to any beach as long as you have a fruit drink

TNE: How do you deal with negative comments?

DB: Kill them with compassion. I learned that you can make a troll into a girlfriend by being nice.

Tne: How did you react to being named one of the Nashville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40?

DB: Really respectful and humble! I am lucky to be called to work with such an amazing group of individuals.

Ten: What do people expect from climate scientists?

DB: As a television weatherman. Most people think I’m reading from a teleprompter, which doesn’t happen. I gave up everything I did from 30 second jokes to 3 minute weather highlights to hours of storm coverage. All of this came out of my head.

TN: How do you get ready for work in the morning or evening?

DB: I try to run faster to relieve stress. I also pack plenty of snacks and caffeinated drinks for the first few nights.

Tne: What meaningful lesson have you learned about self-reliance and how do you plan to apply that idea or lesson in life?

DB: I’ve learned to never tire of the little things, but to enjoy every precious moment of my life. It helped me slim down a bit, so it helped me do just that.


With more and more people working from home now, what are some of the best tips, tricks and techniques for creating an effective work space at home?

DB: I don’t work from home because I’m an important worker. But when I work from home, I will turn off the TV and work quietly. It helps me avoid distractions and work faster.

My usual

TNE: What’s the best way to start your day?

DB: I am a meteorologist. So I like to go out and check the radar first. I’m ready to finish my coffee.

Tne: How to be strong?

DB: I take a lot of vitamins and try to eat healthy.

TNE: How to reject favourites…

DB: I like a nice glass of wine or a massage. I love spa days!

Ten: Why didn’t you leave the house?

DB: My phone. I like to connect

TNE: The most random thing we found in the pocket…

DB: Headphones.. I always keep a pair in case I’m out performing live or in case I want to listen to something in silence.

Tne: Who do you rely on for glamour?

DB: I have two hair stylists: Lauren Riley at May Organic Beauty and Lacey Campbell at Parlor 3 in Brentwood. Wendy at Levish Nails delivers the best mani-pedi and my friend Amber Cruz at OVME

my city

TNE: How does that affect your relationship with Nashville?

Database: Nashville is the perfect blend of the best features in every city I’ve visited. My career led me to Salisbury. I’m from Oklahoma City, Dallas and Boston. I’m from Philadelphia. The genuine hospitality of Nashville makes it such a warm and welcoming place.

TNE: How long have you lived in Nashville?

Database: June 2016

TNE: Your area.

Dead Brooks: Throttle, everything is so close! We can get to the Bridgestone Show in five minutes or walk to the Titans game.

TNE: Best place to have a drink…

DB: L.A. Jackson on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel, the view is killer and the atmosphere is amazing.

TNE: A popular choice of dates…

Dead Project: Kane Prime is the best, we love the food, drinks and service.

TNE: My wardrobe is full.

Deed Brooks: Lily Pulitzer, I had the same opportunity to get something on the air because I had to go out. This is perfect!

TNE: a place to exercise (gym, park, everywhere) …

Dead Project: I work out in my indoor gym, but I also love Berry’s Bootcamp and CycleBar. So we are not far from home.

TNE: Meeting friends for coffee or wine…

Dead Brooks: Sambuca, of course. The live music adds to the fun and I can walk there.

Teni: What do you like most about living in Music City?

Dead Brooks: I love everything intimate from Gulch! We were able to play Bridgestone in 5 minutes and get to Titans, it was so easy! Besides, I love all the live music.

Tinny: Not cute at all…

Dead Brooks: Scooters, I don’t like leaving them everywhere. And personally, I think it’s dangerous.

TNE: Includes The Perfect Nashville Vacation

Dead Brooks: I spend time alone with my husband. Then meet up with friends to watch games or play live music.

TNE: Intimate community and charities…

JB: I was on the board of the T.J. Foundation. Martell and they had their annual party on the red carpet. She has also served on the broadcast committee of the American Meteorological Society, the Lung Association of American Mountaineers, and the St. Jude’s Dream House Campaign. This year, I will be the Chief of the American Red Cross Lifeguard Breakfast. I can’t stand it!

TNE: Favourite local activity…

Dead Brooks: I love motocross and being a part of the hat trade with my best friend Stacy Rhodes. Finally, I love the CMA Awards in Nashville because of all the songs we hear and the stars we see up close and personal. The program will be broadcast on News 2! What a thing!

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