May 26, 2024

Is online ordering more convenient for you? How old is Pickinlove’s domain? Is the site out of date? Is the site reliable?

Before placing an order with an online platform, we recommend checking their legitimacy. In this article, we are going to share some information about Pickinlove (a US-based online clothing company).

Facts about Pickinlove Care. This will give you a clear indication of the authenticity of the platform and help you determine if it is legitimate. What is Pickinlove?

There are many options for women’s clothing, and there is no shortage of brands that offer them. Pickinlove has launched a new online platform focused on women’s clothing. This site offers dresses, party wear, fashion products, accessories and more.

Scroll down to view the options based on their arrival date. There are many options available on the website that can be used for this purpose.

But, is Pickinlove legit?

Pickinlove Details:

Website: Shop for Women’s Clothing.


URL: Address: Not listed on the platform.

Contact number: Missing from website.

Delivery time: within 5-7 days after placing the order.

Shipping Cost: No shipping charges for orders over $69.99.

Delivery within 10-20 business days

Exchanges/Returns: Accepted within 14 days of order placement.

Returns: Initiated within 5 business days of receiving the order.

Payment format: VISA Mastercard, Mastercard, JCB and Amex.

These are all platform specific. These specifications will give you an idea of ​​the accuracy of this platform. Scroll down to see Pickinlove’s review for more details.

Pros of the website:

There are many options for women’s clothing on the site.

All orders placed through the website can be easily exchanged within 14 days.

All policies are detailed on the platform.

The site has several payment options.

Cons of the website:

There is no contact information for the platform website.

The domain age of this site is also very young.

Social media platforms may not be mentioned on the page.

Is Pickinlove legit?

There are several factors to consider before deciding which platform is right for you. When it comes to Pickinlove, we have studied all these points for you and mentioned the details below. Follow the same path to discover facts.

The domain age of this site is very young as it was registered 1.5 months ago.

The platform also lacks social media visibility.

Contact details of this site are not mentioned on the platform either.

The website offers users several payment methods.

Pickinlove is not mentioned in the review platform.

Some of the site reviews mentioned on the internet are also not positive for the site.

All policies of this platform are mentioned in detail on the platform.

The details of the website are not mentioned on the Internet.

There are limited products available on the website.

The website’s trust score is also very low.

All these factors clearly indicate the validity of this platform. All these factors indicate that the platform is not very reliable. Let’s look at the details to explain his reviews.

Pickinlove is considered one of the dubious sites due to the following flaws:

Company Address:

The principal company name in the Terms of Service is JAMYA LIMITED: One Victoria Square, Birmingham, Victoria Square, Birmingham, England, B1 1BD. Bumper, battery, etc. As with other similar sites that provide the parent company name, many websites display the parent company’s name and address when copying and pasting instead of typing it directly into their website. Another company’s address, so it won’t be found by anyone Googling the parent’s name and address.

When we search for this address on Google, we see that many companies are registered using the same address. Google Maps doesn’t show JAMYA LIMITED or Pickinlove at or near this address, which confirms that this is the same virtual address that most companies use to register UK companies. Home is not their physical address. This address also includes Bieed, HikingTale, Eibuys, ButtyLife, Dures, Sheinike, Velcon, etc. entering. Using such dubious websites indicates that the website is trying to hide information, so we do not trust such companies for any online shopping.

Transferred content:

We know that the product images used in its product catalog are not unique, so this website does not intend to copy images from other websites or sell clothing or other products. The website theme is compatible with many questionable and problematic websites.

Returns and Exchange:

Its return policy states that the customer is responsible for returns. So, it is almost impossible to get a full refund from these types of sites due to unknown conditions.

Customer Complaints and Submissions:

According to complaints from buyers of the site, customer support as well as delivery times are poor for similar sites.

Pickinlove View

After searching many links on the internet for reviews and other related information, we found that most of the links do not point in the same direction. There are some sites that write about Pickinlove.

Not much is mentioned in their favor. This creates dubious visibility for this platform.

Also, the trust score for this platform is very low. Apart from these factors, the lack of customer reviews for the platform is enough to limit new customers from placing new orders.

So, the user has to wait for some time to check if the site has real customer Pickinlove reviews.

Apart from these factors, a newly launched platform always carries the risk of fraud.

How do I get a refund for a fraudulent credit card?

How to get a PayPal refund if you’ve been scammed.

Click on this link to know its details.

Final decision:

In this article, we have mentioned all the details for Pickinlove, an online platform for selling women’s clothing. All these factors indicate that the platform is a new startup and users cannot rely on it. They will have to wait a while before they can see the real Pickinlove on the site.

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