October 4, 2022

The VeChain Foundation recently revealed a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the VeCarbon platform. The product will allow companies to get information about their carbon footprint to manage it properly and stay compliant with emission targets.

Around the world, countries like China have set strict carbon emissions targets that every company and individual must meet. Carbon management services like VeCarbon are becoming a critical tool in achieving these goals.

However, the platforms that provide these services need large-scale storage and analytics solutions. This is where Amazon Web Services comes in.

The company praised VeCarbon’s approach to merging VeChain’s blockchain with a carbon-neutral digital infrastructure. The platform will combine these technologies with a team of experts with “extensive experience in providing carbon asset management services,” according to an official post.

These experts work under Shanghai Tanlian Technology, the company behind VeCarbon, and a VeChain partner. The VeChain Foundation claimed the following about their partnership with Amazon Web Services and their ability to support this platform:

With their help (Amazon Web Service), technical guidance and established, robust cloud service platform, VeCarbon will be able to deliver the scale, analytics and security required to deliver a national scale, multi-industry platform carbon management.

AWS will provide VeCarbon with the computing power and “huge” resources it needs to deliver its services. The company will enable the carbon management platform to operate with “flexible computing and processing capabilities.”

Gong Diyun, Shanghai Tanlian’s Executive Director of Business Strategy, had the following to say about their partnership with AWS and why this company is a perfect fit to achieve their goals:

AWS’ approach to carbon neutrality aligns well with our development philosophy, including the use of renewable energy sources in our cloud infrastructure and efforts to help customers quantify the environmental impact of their cloud workloads through the release of a carbon footprint tool ( …).

VET price trends down on the 4-hour chart. Source: VETUSDT Tradingview

The benefits of Amazon and VeChain cooperation

The partnership will allow companies and individuals to reduce costs and provide their companies with data analytics that can be turned into “valuable business insights,” the official post claims. AWS will also provide VeCarbon with its security features.

So the platform will work with the power of blockchain and the security of a company like Amazon. This will give it “unparalleled security in the cloud”.

VeCardon will be connected and integrated into the customer’s system. Users will have access to a range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and data-driven tools.

The service has integrated with a variety of companies in many sectors, such as the cement and construction industry, food, agriculture and transportation sectors in China. These customers will be able to benefit from the “cost optimization of the VeCarbon carbon management system”.

Diyun added:

The diverse services provided by AWS can be used on demand and flexibly adjusted according to business needs. This method not only helps us reduce business expenses and negates the need for industry clients to invest in expensive fixed assets, but can also be developed in an off-market manner.

In the coming months, AWS and VeChain will deepen their cooperation to introduce new features and integrate Shanghai Tanlian into the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN). Thus, the company can see a boost in customer adoption and search for the services.

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