October 7, 2022

  • Guy Fieri has revealed that Al Pacino is the celebrity he was most nervous to cook for.
  • The mayor of Flavortown met the star of “The Godfather” while cooking at Sylvester Stallone’s house.
  • Pacino took a few bites of his food and then yelled “Ha ha!” — one of his famous quotes.

In addition to his delicious burgers and sandwiches, Guy Fieri is known for his confidence in the kitchen.

But, sometimes, even the mayor of Flavortown gets a little star struck.

Fieri recently revealed which celebrity he was most nervous to cook for and it was none other than “The Godfather” himself, Al Pacino.

the Food Network star said Entertainment tonightof Nischelle Turner and Kevin Frazier that she was cooking at Sylvester Stallone’s house in January 2020 when Pacino walked in.

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“You hope you meet the legend and the legend is as great as he is,” Fieri said.

Fieri tried to keep his cool while meeting his idol, which Stallone captured on video and posted on his Instagram page.

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“I hope you’re hungry,” Fieri told Pacino.

“I’m always hungry,” the actor replied.

Fieri couldn’t help but watch Pacino try his food for the first time.

“He sits down and takes a few bites and I just look at him, like I’ve never been more nervous,” Fieri recalled.

al Pacino in 2021 on the gucci red carpet

When Fieri told Pacino “I hope you’re hungry,” the actor replied, “I’m always hungry.”

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Pacino then put his hands on the counter, pushed back his chair and said “Ha ha!” — his famous line from the 1992 film “Scent of a Woman,” which earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Fieri said he was overwhelmed by Pacino’s reaction.

“I walk out, I’m like, ‘Did you see that!'” he recalled with a laugh.

Fieri also told ET about his new Food Network show “Guy’s Ultimate Game Night,” which premieres Aug. 31 and will feature his celebrity friends competing in cooking challenges.

“We make up the rules as we go along, set up some ridiculous prizes and compete to the point where we’re banging on the table breaking glasses,” he said. “Someone wins, and in the end, we get money for charity!”

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