October 4, 2022

After a really uncomfortable June for the world Wordle players, the daily five-letter puzzle – which remains the second most popular game globally among the Twitter gaming community – continues to confound users of the social media platform. The hardest Wordle The July 2022 answer also turned out to be rather ironic, considering the repetitive nature of the game.

His smart clogs Twitter Comms Team have once again compiled an exclusive picture of the five toughest Wordle puzzle in July, basing findings on the number of times the dreaded phrase “Wordle X/6” was shared with followers. And I’ll be damned – my sure bet for first place only came in fifth.

Wordle’s Toughest Replies, According to Twitter (July 2022)

5) Wordle 388 (July 12): NIGHT

Because I thought NIGHT would be the hardest Wordle july reply? I will let Australian game streamer JoshInJapan prove how brutal this can be, even with a near-perfect start.

If only the first letter is missing, you have 14 accepted choices Wordle: WIGHT, EIGHT, RIGHT, TIGHT, AIGHT, SIGHT, DIGHT, FIGHT, HIGHT, KIGHT, LIGHT, BIGHT and MIGHT–along with NIGHT. God only knows what the reactions to HIGHT, DIGHT or KIGHT will be, assuming they haven’t been removed from Wordlehis five-year plan.

4) Wordle 402 (July 26): CINCH

Well, this Wordle The response certainly didn’t live up to its name among Twitter users. CINCH, which means something done with ease – or the strap that holds a saddle to a horse – was July’s fourth hardest puzzle. This double letter will not have helped.

3) Wordle 401 (July 25): ELOPE

A trio of vowels, including a double letter that closes the word, likely catapulted ELOPE into the top three hardest spots Wordles of July 2022. The only notable one-letter word is SLOPE, although EVOKE, EMOTE, ERODE, ELUDE, GLOVE and GLOBE can fool those with three greens in place.

2) Wordle 395 (July 19): ANGRY

Well, that’s wonderfully apt. when he plays Wordle, there’s no reason to be angry… unless that’s the real answer. I always found myself not using the letter Y to try to put every vowel in my first two guesses, and even then, I always assumed the vowels would be second or third. One followed by four consonants is a fairly rare occurrence.

1) Wordle 396 (July 20): TRITE

Just when players thought they were really angry with Wordle, the next day they created the hardest puzzle of the month, and one that fits a simple, rigid puzzle. TRITE, meaning ‘lacking freshness’ or ‘dull from overuse’ might be a very good description of Wordle among its critics and former players, but as we recently learned, the game continues to dominate social media months after its initial surge in popularity.

The easiest words, according to Twitter (July 2022)

  1. FLOCK (Wordle 394, July 18)
  2. UPSET (Wordle 405, July 29)
  3. TRYST (Wordle 398, July 22)
  4. BLUFF (Wordle 406, July 30)
  5. WACKY (Wordle 393, July 17)

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