December 2, 2023

On Monday’s MSNBC broadcast of “All In,” author and The New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright said he believes he is “the most likely” person to take over the leadership of al-Qaeda after the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri. is Saif al-Adl, who lives in Iran, in addition to “several other al-Qaeda leaders” who have “lived there for decades.”

Wright said: “Now, the next step, there are future leaders who have been trained for al Qaeda. I think the most likely is Saif al-Adl who—who lives in Iran now, like several other al-Qaeda leaders, has lived there for decades. And he may well come out of Iran and take over the leadership of Al Qaeda. I think he would be the most worthy candidate. Is smart. He is a general. He has great connections and tremendous loyalty from people who are in the organization now.”

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