October 7, 2022

Poloniexa global cryptocurrency exchange, is pleased to announce that a new trading system is launching today to provide global retail and business users with higher speed, as well as better stability and usability.

Through its next-generation matching engine, Poloniex has increased its system’s order matching speed and transactions per second by at least 30x and 10x respectively, and reduced latency by more than 5x, with plans to further improve performance post-launch. Additionally, the new API has been redesigned for faster performance and more comprehensive features. Traders, institutional traders and professional traders will find it much more user-friendly, improving the overall liquidity of the stock market.

“The launch of this new trading system is a milestone for Poloniex as a world-class international exchange. It demonstrates our commitment to providing benefits and the best services for our users,” said HE Justin Sun. “As one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world, Poloniex has made impressive strides in optimizing its system and will continue to deliver an incredible trading experience to retail and professional traders.”

Poloniex has always been known for its security and this new trading system takes stability to the next level. It now has higher fault tolerance achieved by adopting a microservices architecture, which ensures uninterrupted operation of other modules in case of failure. The system adopts a cluster deployment and supports automatic scaling of the service if the traffic increases significantly. The can scale quickly without requiring downtime during upgrades. This means that the system has significantly improved its ability to handle traffic peaks without compromising the stability of the service and the users’ trading experience.

In addition to its greatly improved speed and stability, the trading experience is also enhanced with some notable features such as buy order, stop-market order and an improved candlestick chart to meet the needs of both amateur and professional traders. The web and mobile app interfaces are completely upgraded to provide a clearer, more intuitive and more user-friendly experience to enable users to stay updated with the ever-changing market and plan their investments more strategically.

The new trading platform lays a great foundation for further product development, including margin trading, lending and staking.

About Poloniex

Poloniex was founded in January 2014 as a global cryptocurrency exchange. With its world-class trading platform and security, it received funding in 2019 from famous investors, including HE Justin Sun, founder of TRON.

Poloniex supports spot and futures trading as well as leveraged tokens and its services are available to users in nearly 100 countries and regions with various languages ​​available including English, Turkish and Vietnamese.

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