April 22, 2024


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  • Makeup gift sets offer great value, often giving you a discount by bundling products together.
  • Whether you’re a clean beauty lover or an eyeshadow lover, we’ve found a great makeup gift set.
  • Still looking for a gift? Check out our list of The all-time best products we’ve ever tried.

For beauty lovers and the people who shop for them, makeup gift sets are a win-win. More often than not, curated sets turn out to be major steals for the shopper, with bestsellers and limited edition items at a discounted price. Some sets even come pre-wrapped to help you save on extra packaging. They also allow cosmetic connoisseurs to play with products they might not otherwise have cared for.

As a longtime beauty editor and writer, I can tell you that this list is full of great recommendations. I’ve personally used many of the products on this list, so I know you and your gifted one won’t be disappointed with these options. Whether you’re looking for a great beauty gift for a friend or something new to enjoy, you’ll find something here.

The best makeup gift sets for 2022:


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