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Attendance at TwitchCon 2022 will not require vaccination, testing or masks for COVID-19

TwitchCon 2022 is scheduled to take place between October 7th and 9th at the San Diego Convention Center, and Twitch has decided that there will be no COVID-19 restrictions.

As reports Kotaku(Opens in a new window)TwitchCon’s website includes a “Health measures(Opens in a new window)” page detailing any requirements or restrictions that participants should be aware of. However, in regards to COVID-19 it appears that there won’t be any.

Attendees will not be required to provide proof of vaccination and no testing will be performed prior to entering the convention center. Wearing a mask is “encouraged”, but completely optional. Twitch notes that health and safety measures, “may change at any time as determined by federal or local government agencies, the venue and/or Twitch,” meaning testing and mandatory masks could be imposed until October depending on what happens. the next two months.

Reports of COVID infections and the pandemic rarely make headlines anymore, but the CDC details(Opens in a new window) how the latest Omicron variants spread more easily than previous variants and can re-infect anyone previously infected.

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The last time TwitchCon was held in San Diego (2019), 28,000 people showed up. So anyone planning to attend TwitchCon in October can decide what steps to take knowing that the chance of leaving with a COVID infection will be quite high.

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