October 6, 2022

A California school district is reportedly spending tens of thousands of dollars on an organization called “Woke Kindergarten,” which focuses on “supporting children, families, educators and organizations in their commitment to defunding early education and pro-Black and queer and release trance. “

According ReferencesThe Golden State’s Hayward Unified School District recently reached out to the organization for a month-long training session for employees at Glassbrook Elementary School, where they will apparently learn how to “disrupt whiteness, white dominant/settler colonial narratives, and anti-blackness in the Glassbrook community.”

Described as a “global, disruptive early childhood ecosystem and visionary creative gateway,” Woke Kindergarten was founded by Akiea “Ki” Gross, who uses their/them pronouns.

Gross, in the “about us” section of the website, is located is described as a “defunct early educator, cultural organizer, and maker currently innovating ways to resist, heal, liberate, and create with his pedagogy, Woke Kindergarten.”

The site features a series of 60-second videos promoting anti-police sentiment, as well as LGBT propaganda and radical gender ideology:

The site also has a section that offers the “woke word of the day.” Previous words include “repeal”, “protest” and “anti-racist”.

One of the workshops is advertised on the website focuses on “teaching abolition in the early years” and states that “Key illuminates the ways in which the prison industrial complex manifests itself in early childhood and leads participants on an exploration of how we can disrupt the PIC through a comprehensive and interactive journey to Woke The abolition of kindergarten early learning pedagogy’.

The district reportedly spends $20,000 on such trainings for elementary school employees.

According to Washington Examiner:

The contract was first noticed by parent activist group Parents Defending Education. Erika Sanzi, the parent organization’s director of outreach, called Woke Kindergarten “ideological indoctrination” that “has no place in a kindergarten classroom or any classroom.”

The news comes as midterm elections approach and voters bring education issues to the polls. That was seen last year with Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngin’s (R) victory in Virginia after growing controversy over parents battling hard-left school board members who demand a say in their children’s education.

Florida Republicans are among those who have taken legislative action, taking a stand against the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and passing the Parental Rights in Education bill this year.

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