February 21, 2024

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Tom Brady has once again found himself at the center of controversy. On Tuesday, the NFL came down with severe punishment for the Miami Dolphins, in part for violating the league’s anti-violation policy on three separate occasions. Two of those cases involved the now 45-year-old general. Because of this, the club was stripped of their 2023 first-round pick along with their third-round pick in 2024. Owner Stephen Ross was also suspended until October 17, 2022.

The league’s investigation noted that the Dolphins had “impermissible communications” with Brady in 2019-20 while he was under contract with the New England Patriots. These communications began as early as August 2019 and continued throughout that regular season and beyond.

Of course, that season turned out to be Brady’s last as a member of the Patriots, as he was set to hit unrestricted free agency for the first time in his career and eventually signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to the league’s findings, the Dolphins — and Brady — jumped the gun.

So with this information coming to light on Tuesday, it’s only natural to wonder what Brady’s coach — Bill Belichick — would have reacted to during that time. Shortly before New England’s seventh practice on Wednesday, Belichick was asked a series of questions on the topic and gave his predictable answer.

Question: Bill, what was your reaction to the Dolphins decision yesterday?

Belichick: “Yeah, I’m not really worried about it. I’m just trying to have a good training camp here.”

Q: Did you have any idea the Dolphins traded away your starting quarterback that season?

BB: “I focused on training camp here. That’s all in the past.”

Miami also had contact with Brady after the 2021 season, when he was still under contract with the Buccaneers. As the league notes, those discussions revolved around Brady becoming a limited partner with the Dolphins and possibly serving as a football executive, though at times they also included the possibility of him playing for the Dolphins.

Although it takes two to tango, it’s worth noting that Brady will not be punished by the league for his involvement in the flirtation between the seven-time Super Bowl champion and the Dolphins.

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