November 28, 2023

When I compared the scrambled eggs side by side, the ones made with butter were a bit silkier and fluffier.

Comparing regular butter to Martha Stewart's scrambled egg hack

My scrambled eggs with clarified butter (above) tasted a bit creamier than my eggs with regular butter (below).

Anneta Konstantinidis/Insider

Was there a huge difference between the two? To be honest, not really. They were both delicious, with the clarified butter tasting a bit more savory and elevated.

So am I going to make clarified butter every week for my eggs? Nah, but you also don’t have to — it can keep for months in the fridge. Plus, you can use clarified butter for a lot of things. My family finished our batch in a week, trying everything from branzino to eggs on Ina Garten’s new avocado toast.

I think using a higher fat brand of butter like Kerrygold and cooking on a low heat is really the key to getting a dish of super fluffy scrambled eggs. But if you have some butter or have some time to whip up a batch, you’re sure to create a great breakfast.

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