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I made Martha Stewart’s favorite one pan pasta dish

I would definitely try Stewart’s one-skillet pasta again — with a few changes.

More red pepper flakes helped give the dish a bit more flavor.

Anneta Konstantinidis/Insider

Next time I’ll add more basil, which I think could really brighten up the flavors, as well as more tomatoes — which were my favorite part of the dish.

I saw in the comments on Stewart’s recipe that some had tried the dish with chicken stock instead of water, which I think is a great idea, while others discussed sauteing the onions and garlic first. While this technically defeats the purpose of a one-pan recipe, I think it’s a modification worth trying.

Overall, I still enjoyed cooking the pasta in a Stewart pan, which really surprised me given my ongoing kitchen fatigue. It was relaxing to watch all these ingredients swirl around a pan as my kitchen filled with wonderful smells.

Plus, Joe did better when he ate Stewart’s dish.

“It’s simple,” he said. “But pasta is always good.”

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