December 7, 2023

Google’s flagship The Chrome browser has just been updated to version 104. Although there are new versions for mobile users in both Android and iOS platforms, the most important updates are intended for desktop users. If you’re using Chrome on a Windows, Mac, or Linux device, it’s recommended that you make sure the version 104 update is activated as soon as possible. There are 27 reasons why everyone has their “security”.

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Google Chrome 104 brings important security updates to the browser part

Google has just confirmed the arrival of Chrome 104 in the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Although this important update will start rolling out immediately, Google advises that it may take days or weeks before everyone sees their browser automatically updated. Besides a bunch of functionality updates, the 27 security fixes should be the focus of your attention the most.

While none of the security issues addressed by Chrome 104 are known to be already in the wild, there are no zero-days in other words, this does not negate the importance of this update from a security perspective. At least seven of that total are rated as high impact, reflected in $43,000 in awards paid to the researchers who identified them. Another 15 issues have been awarded a medium influence score with an additional $49,000 paid out in bounty rewards.

The 7 High-Impact Google Chrome Vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities that received the high scores, although full details are withheld until the majority of users are informed, are:

· CVE-2022-2603: Use after free in Mainframe.

· CVE-2022-2604: Use after free browsing in Safe Browsing.

· CVE-2022-2605: Out of bounds read in Dawn.

· CVE-2022-2606: Use after free use in managed devices API.

· CVE-2022-2607: Use after free in Tab Strip.

· CVE-2022-2608: Use after free in preview mode.

· CVE-2022-2609: Use after free use in Nearby Share.

How to enable Google Chrome security update 104 right now

Many other browsers, including Microsoft Edge and the Brave browser, which are based on Chromium, will be updated in the coming days. If you are a Google Chrome user, it is recommended that you check the version number and make sure that 104.0.5112.81 is installed and enabled. While the Chrome browser, in most cases, automatically downloads and installs updates, the update, and therefore security fixes, are not activated until the browser is restarted. This can be a problem for people who keep tabs open for days or weeks. You can check your version using the Settings|About Chrome menu entry. This will force the download if available and you can then restart the browser from here to enable the security update.

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