November 29, 2023

The Jan. 6 panel is preparing to subpoena Alex Jones’ texts and emails that were accidentally sent to an attorney for Sandy Hook victims, according to a report.

Attorney Mark Bankston revealed he accidentally obtained a number of thousands of Jones’ private communications during the Infowars founder’s defamation trial on Wednesday.

Within minutes of the stunning revelation, the House committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol began preparing to subpoena the messages, a source said Rolling rock.

Jones incited a crowd of rioters during the attack on the Capitol last January, promoting the false claim that the election had been stolen.

In a video posted on the Infowars website, he told the crowd: “We have to understand that we are under attack and we have to understand that this is a 21st century war and go to war.”

The select committee issued subpoenas for documents and testimony from the notorious conspiracy theorist in November 2021.

It is not clear what information he gave the committee. In April, he said he had offered to speak to the commission in exchange for immunity.

Mr Bankston, who represented Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis in their ongoing defamation lawsuit against Jones, dropped the bombshell revelation while cross-examining Jones on Wednesday.

“Did you know that 12 days ago your lawyers messed around and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you’ve sent in the last two years?” Mr. Bankston asked him.

“And when he was informed he took no steps to qualify it as a privilege?”

He went on to accuse Jones of lying about not having text messages about Sandy Hook during the discovery phase of the lawsuit.

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