September 26, 2022

Wednesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) trip to Taiwan amid threats from China and lack of government support Biden.

Tenney criticized the Biden White House for being “too weak and too vague” on China.

“[I] think it’s time to change the strategy and the Biden administration has been too weak and too vague,” Tenney said. “Clarity is what is going to change the situation now. I’m not advocating perpetual wars and going out into areas where we don’t need to go, but it’s not just about whether Taiwan is a democracy, what it is, or aspires to be — it’s about where the United States’ strategy The interests are in the world and our economic interests too.”

Tenney accused President Joe Biden of being “the most compromised president on China in American history.”

“Joe Biden is the most compromising president on China in American history,” he argued. “This is the guy who, when he was vice president, flew on Air Force Two, you know, with government funds, with Hunter’s son, and weeks later made a huge contract with Hunter’s companies — many of these corrupt entities in which is involved. And of course, there’s no research on them.”

“But right now, China is extremely important,” Tenney added. “Joe Biden is compromised. In fact, it gives mixed signals. Joe Biden says one thing about supporting Taiwan, then his staff retracts it. You’ve seen Rep. Kirby talk about we support one China, but what about what we’re going to do with Taiwan? Again, Taiwan’s economic interest with the world and the United States is extremely important. I think… it’s time for strategic clarity. We must support Taiwan. We have to support Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act, but this is a difficult issue when we have a ruthless, weak president like President Biden, who can’t stand America’s enemies like China and adversaries around the world. world where they dominate and use their economic power to penetrate these economies, which puts the American economy at risk.”

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