September 25, 2022

Kompute, a blockchain company based in Estonia, has released a token-based decentralized cloud computing model designed specifically for Web3, providing greater anonymity and control. Designed using widely tested open source technologies, Kompute’s decentralized network is built on top of Ethereum with the off-chain layer running on Kubernetes. This structure enables high availability, easy scalability, and reliable, low-cost cloud computing services. More information is available at

“AWS, GCP and many other big names are the leaders in centralized cloud computing, the problem is that they control user data, access to computing power and privacy,” said Xabier Almazor, CEO of Kompute.

Kompute is the ‘AWS’ of the Web3 economy, connecting consumers of cloud services with providers of network resources looking to generate revenue.

  • Every transaction on the network is enforced with smart contracts and recorded on the blockchain.
  • Network providers have incentives to provide resources and keep the network secure.
  • There are many levels of confidentiality to protect intellectual property.
  • Only authorized actions are allowed against the blockchain, so code and data integrity is guaranteed.

How does Kompute work?

The process starts when a user initiates a request to develop an application with the blockchain. The node will validate the request and start running the computing task. Kubernetes manages job execution using secure containers and taking network capacity into account. The node is rewarded for allowing its computing resources to be used in the network.

The user gets all the computing power they need. The node owner is rewarded for sharing their computing power and keeping the network secure. All of this happens in real time and is recorded on the blockchain to ensure the security and anonymity of the transaction.

What it means for Web3

The future of the Internet looks a lot more like what was intended, with a reliable and autonomous network that allows users to have instant access to fantastic levels of computing power.

Best of all for the user, this newest model is extremely user-friendly, allowing the average consumer to access these technologies with little code knowledge.

About Kompute

Kompute connects cloud service consumers with network resource providers who can generate revenue by providing their computing resources and staking a certain number of tokens. The Kompute ecosystem enforces a license-free model that allows developers to use their services with reduced restrictions.



Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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