September 29, 2022

Konami is set to release a new Bomberman game for Apple Arcade this week, with music-enhanced gameplay.

Amazing Bomberman(Opens in a new window) will be playable on August 5th(Opens in a new window), but anyone who loads up the game expecting a classic Bomberman gameplay experience is in for a shock. Konami added a musical element to the scenes, allowing them to react to the song being played.

As you play, the sound effects for bomb placement and explosions will change depending on the songs, as will the battle time. When a song becomes “exciting”, blocks will fall onto the stage that can be destroyed with bombs to reveal new items. The gameplay footage reveals a much more dynamic gameplay experience, which could arguably turn some Bomberman fans off from playing.

Bomberman can “break out” during the game, but with unlimited respawns it doesn’t really matter. Konami also added a multiplayer component to allow up to four players (from around the world) to compete for the highest score during a song. The player with the current high score has his Bomberman in the spotlight and other players who manage to blow him up will earn bonus points.

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For those who prefer single player games, Amazing Bomberman features a series of missions to complete and customize items to collect. Also, since this is an Apple Arcade title, there’s no monetization or DLC to worry about – you can play the entire game at your leisure. And if you want to hear the music separately, Konami has uploaded one video “music for study and work”.(Opens in a new window) on YouTube featuring 29 minutes of Amazing Bomberman footage.

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