December 1, 2023

Los Angeles County declared a local public health emergency due to monkeypox on Tuesday, and a child in Long Beach was confirmed to have contracted the disease.

The Los Angeles Times mentionted:

A Long Beach child has contracted monkeypox, health officials said hours after Los Angeles County leaders declared a local state of emergency amid the spreading disease.

Earlier in the day, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Holly J. Mitchell introduced a proclamation declaration of local emergency due to increasing cases of monkeypox. The action, which the board unanimously approved, is an effort to strengthen the county’s response to the outbreak. The day before, California declared a state of emergency because of the virus.

Cases of monkeypox in Los Angeles County rose to 423 on Tuesday, more than 80 percent from the previous week, according to the county health department countof confirmed and probable cases. The majority of cases have been confirmed in men who identify as members of the LGBTQ community, according to county data.

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a smallpox emergency by reading, as did the State of Illinois. San Francisco declared a state of emergency late last month, and New York did so on Monday.

There has been widespread criticism of the Biden administration’s failure to prepare for the outbreak, for which a vaccine has been available since 2019.

Biden campaigned in 2020 on the claim that he and former President Barack Obama had a pandemic “playbook.” As Breitbart News — one of the few outlets to review the playbook — noted at the time: “In fact, the play book it is less than advertised. Of the 69 pages, only 27 are the actual “book”, The first 13 pages are the table of contents, the summary and the various title pages. The last 29 pages are appendices. And within the 27 pages of the playbook, only 17 deal with an international outbreak of an infectious disease.”

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