September 29, 2023

Having just secured the GOP nomination in Michigan’s primary, Tudor Dixon credits former President Donald Trump’s support for acting as a “launch rocket” for her campaign.

Dixon told Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” on Wednesday that Trump’s endorsement “helped quite a bit.”

“I think that helped quite a bit,” Dixon said of Trump’s support just days before the primary. “And we were going up in the polls, but, boy, that really shot us. It was our rocket launch at the end of the campaign. So we’re very grateful… to the president for stepping into the fray. And it seemed to seal the deal in the end and we’re excited about where we’re going now.”

The Michigan Republican then lashed out at her incumbent opponent, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (R) and her handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The main issue is education, but that’s a combination of a few different things in the state,” Dixon emphasized. “Education is key. We are 38th in the country. All of our data shows that by 2030, if we don’t make a change, we’ll be in the bottom five states in the nation. It is critical that our children get the right education but also get back on the road.”

She continued, “[T]it’s something that when we look back in 2020 what Gretchen Whitmer did — she kept our kids out of school and then she had the opportunity to give them reading scholarships to get them back on track and she vetoed that. So it’s really important that we not only improve our education system as a whole, but get our students back on track and make sure we deliver that to parents. what they need to get their kids back on track.”

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