May 30, 2023

Arsenal’The club photographer gave a speech that caused riots before last season’s North London derby victory over Spurs.

The Gunners hosted their rivals at the Emirates in the first derby of the season in September and were promptly knocked out.

And footage from Amazon’s All or Nothing documentary on Arsenal may just serve as an explanation as to why Arsenal have been so fired up.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

That’s because manager Mikel Arteta asked veteran photographer Stuart MacFarlane to give a moving, emotional speech.

The lifelong Gunner and long-time employee of the club took the final word and reiterated to the players what the derby means to the fans.

Holding MacFarlane’s camera in the air, Arteta addressed the team saying: “This guy, for the last 30 years has captured emotions, feelings and teams.

“I want you to hear from him what he thinks of you because he sees you around our club every day.”

MacFarlane, speaking from the heart and with plenty of passion, offered words of wisdom.

“It’s hard. This is my club. “I love this football club and I love all of you.

“In 30 years, I’ve photographed some incredible players, some world-class players, some great teams. I look up to you a lot, this is a great team.

“I’ve been a fan my whole life. That’s what we have to do, we have to go out and win.

‘That’s me. I’m a fan. This lot out… they would give anything for the f****g to win today. Look at them.

“First tackle, listen to the crowd, they’ll be with you straight away. Win every tackle.

“When you score, look at their faces. Look at how much they love you and show them how much you love them. OK?”

There was an explosion of noise as the Arsenal players stood up. Saka walked over to McFarlane to share a great hug.

Arteta’s actions and unorthodox methods explain why he earned the nickname “freak” at the club.

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