October 5, 2022

The prospect of President Joe Biden’s re-nomination in 2024 is increasingly being blocked by senior members of the Democratic Party, according to a report on Wednesday.

AP contours Representatives Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, two establishment liberals who chair powerful committees and are competing for a Manhattan-area House seat, declined to endorse the president when asked in a televised debate whether the incumbent should run again.

The two are engaged in a personal struggle for political survival over redistricting, and neither sees Biden as capable of helping their efforts.

Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, said: “It’s too early to tell. It doesn’t serve the purpose of the Democratic Party to deal with this until after the midterms.”

Maloney, who chairs the Oversight Committee, said, “I don’t believe he’s running for re-election.”

The AP report goes on to outline that they are not alone.

Moderate West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin also declined to endorse the president for a second term, saying Sunday that he would not be involved.

Elsewhere, left-wing favorite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is even being touted as the future of the 79-year-old Biden:


Minnesota Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips said in a recent radio interview that he didn’t think Biden should run again, adding that “the country would be well served by a new generation of exciting, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats stepping up.”

Biden has said he plans to run for re-election. But as the oldest person ever to hold the presidency, he has faced persistent questions about whether he will be fit and ready for another run.

The establishment media is certainly opposed to any bid by Biden for re-election.

The New York Times alone has published six articles in six weeks to derail Biden’s re-election bid. of New York Magazine Ed Kilgore wrote an article last month titled “Are Democrats Stuck with Joe Biden in 2024?” which knocked the president who did not back down:

If things go as badly as expected for Democrats on Nov. 8, many in the party will quietly and not so quietly urge the 46th president to retire at the end of his term. But if he stubbornly refuses to pack it, what then? Are Democrats stuck with ’24 Biden-Harris anyway? Strange to say, but it can be.

The poll shows Biden is at odds with his senior leadership and his base of voters.

Only 26 percent of Democratic voters support a possible Biden return, while 64 percent of Democratic voters prefer a Biden replacement, Times.

spokeswoman Angie Craig said last month MinnPost Democrats “need new leaders in Washington up and down” when asked if he would support Biden if he runs.

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