May 28, 2024


A majority of likely voters believe Democrats are responsible for plunging the United States into recession, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll was released on Wednesday it was found.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell he said in late July that “Democrats inherited an economy that was primed for a historic comeback and promptly ran it straight into the ground.” Of 1,000 likely voters polled between July 28 and 31, 59 percent say they agree with McConnell’s statement and 35 percent disagree. The margin of sampling error is ± 3 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level.

Unsurprisingly, 85 percent of Republicans agree at least somewhat that Democrats “ran [the economy] straight to the ground,” as did a majority (57 percent) of unaffiliated voters. However, even 38% of Democratic voters agree with McConnell’s quote, including 23% who strongly agree,” according to the poll report.

Most likely voters (62 percent) believe the United States economy is in a recession, even as the White House and its allies in Big Tech try to redefine the term. Less than a quarter (23 percent) believe the United States economy is not in a recession, and 15 percent are unsure.

President Joe Biden’s denial of a recession has done little to quell concern in his own party, with nearly half (47 percent) of Democrats also saying they believe the economy is in a recession. However, Biden’s strongest supporters are most likely to believe there is no recession (58 percent). Not surprisingly, Republicans (83 percent) and voters who “strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance” (89 percent) are more likely to believe there is a recession. Fifty-seven percent of unaffiliated voters agree.

An overwhelming majority (91 percent) believe the economy and inflation will be important in the 2022 congressional elections, a result mirrored in several other surveys. Among those who say the economy will be critical in the upcoming election, 61 percent “strongly agree” with McConnell’s condemnation of Democrats.

Higher earners (annual income over $200,000) agree that the economy will be at the center of the upcoming election, even though they “often side with Democrats on cultural issues…”, Rasmussen Reports noted. Higher-income voters are also most likely to “strongly agree” with McConnell that Democrats “ran [the economy] straight to the ground.”


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