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No vaccine, no mask, no orders for a COVID test

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) acknowledged public and parent opposition and announced Tuesday that it will not require students to be vaccinated, wear masks or be tested for the coronavirus this fall.

The concession came amid a contentious political season as voters began to make their voices heard across the state — in school board recall elections, in campaigns to recall left-leaning district attorneys, as well as in political primaries.

In one announcementLAUSD said that “[I]Indoor coverage is strongly recommended in all Los Angeles Unified schools and workplaces,” but we did not require it. He added: “Testing will only be required for those showing symptoms of COVID-19 or those who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive.” And regarding vaccination, LAUSD said, “Our employees are already vaccinated. We encourage all eligible students to be vaccinated as well, and all members of the school community to receive any boosters for which they are eligible.”

LAUSD once hoped to mandate vaccine for students returning to school, but held off voting to defer demand.

Enthusiasm for vaccine mandates has also waned as many people who have been vaccinated and boosted have contracted COVID-19 anyway, albeit with more manageable symptoms and lower hospitalization and death rates.

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