September 29, 2023

Rep. Haley Stevens defeated Michigan Democrat Andy Levin on Tuesday in a member-versus-member primary for the state’s 11th district, following a December 2021 redistricting.

With over 92% of the vote mentionted at press time, Stevens received 59.5% of the vote, with Levin receiving 40.5%. Enough meteorologists called the match before 10:30 p.m

The Michigan Legislature placed Stevens and Levin in the new 11th District after the 2020 census. region covers the northwest area outside of Detroit. The 11th arrondissement now includes part of the 9th arrondissement.

Stevens was previously elected as representative for Michigan’s 11th district in 2018. Levin was elected to represent Michigan’s 9th district that same year, following the retirement of his father Sander Levin.

“Unfortunately, I have also been the target of a heavily Republican-funded campaign aimed at defeating the movement I represent wherever I speak,” Levin said, according to a tweet by journalist Max Cohen.

Levin received endorsements from Sen. Elizabeth Warren in June and Sen. Bernie Sanders in the final week of the race. Stevens received it endorsement of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in early July, in addition to 14 other endorsements by sitting members of Congress. Both candidates were endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

On July 21st voting by Target Insights showed Stevens leading the race 58% to 31%.

Both candidates ran on similar platforms. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund gave a double approval to Stevens and Levin, who both opposed the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson in June.

“Women know … how to take care of ourselves and our families without right-wing politicians getting involved,” Stevens said in a video posted on Twitter on June 24. “I will always support Planned Parenthood.

Levin posted photos of himself being arrested in front of the Supreme Court on the same day as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive members of Congress.

Both candidates also share similar views on health care, citing their support for the Affordable Care Act.

While in Congress, Stevens served on the House Education and Labor Committee and the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. Stevens has also served as chairman of the Subcommittee on Research and Technology.

Stevens will likely retain her congressional seat in November. Michigan’s 11th congressional district is leaning Democratic, according to Politico.

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