October 6, 2022

  • Sylvester Stallone shared a video of his daughter Sophia dealing with her fear of spiders.
  • The “Rocky” star said he is “so proud” of how “brave” she was while letting a tarantula crawl on her arm.
  • “I’m actually more scared of spiders after doing this…,” Sofia wrote in a comment on the video.

Sylvester Stallone told his 15 million Instagram followers in video caption that he is “so proud” of his “brave” daughter Sophia, 25, who has faced her fear of spiders.

On Monday, Stallone posted a video of Sofia letting a tarantula crawl on her hand. “Let’s see bravery, let’s go Sophia,” Stallone, 76, encourages his daughter to walk off-screen just before an operator places the spider on her body.

While the operator (also off-screen) holds Sophia’s hand to steady it, her dad continues to encourage her, describing the spider as “cool”.

“I’m so proud of you, love,” Stallone says, as Sophia repeatedly pleads with the handler to “get it” before the creature can crawl too far up her arm.

“Watch her, she’s going to freak out,” the “Rocky” star tells the operator as he pulls the spider out of Sofia’s hand and she runs away from the camera. Sofia’s sister Sistine, 24, looks on in shock.

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“I’m actually more afraid of spiders after doing this…” Sophia wrote in a comment below her dad’s post.

It’s unclear if Sophia has actual clinical arachnophobia, but if she did, she’s not alone.

According at the Cleveland Clinic3% to 15% of the population has arachnophobia, defined as an “intense fear of spiders” that reaches the level of a phobia when it “consumes your thoughts, interferes with your daily activities, and prevents you from socializing with family and friends ».

Stallone and his daughters.

Stallone and his daughters in 2017.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for InStyle

Sofia is the eldest of Stallone’s three daughters with his ex-wife, model Jennifer Flavin. He was born on August 27, 1996, a year before the couple married. Sophia has two younger sisters: Scarlet, 20, and Sistine, 24. Sophia currently runs a book club and hosts a podcast with her younger sister Sistine.

Stallone also has a son named Seargeoh, 43, with his first wife, photographer Sasha Czack. Their son Sage died of a heart attack in 2012 aged 36. Reuters reported.

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