November 30, 2023

The assumption was that Jones would be on a one-year probationary period with new coach Brian Dambol before the team figured out the long-term direction at quarterback. But it is possible that jones isn’t even starting this season as a starter? Tyrod Taylor never played for Daboll in Buffalo, but that doesn’t mean Taylor couldn’t win the job if the Giants’ new leadership decides Jones isn’t the long-term answer — and he probably never will be.

After inheriting a flawed roster and a messy salary situation, Daboll has already hinted that there may be growing pains this year. The smart money is on Jones to prove he can still be the starter, but the Giants could opt to pull a blockbuster and turn to Taylor — especially if reports of the Giants offense struggling in camp continue . A Jones bench would be the most surprising development of any of the potential demotions mentioned in this piece. Stranger things have happened, though, and perhaps Daboll’s patience will run out if Jones’ turnover woes persist (his 49 sacks — including a league-high 20 games missed — since 2019 are tied for third ).

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