November 28, 2023

Everything is big in Texas – even the backlash to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ defamation trial.

The Infowars host is currently in a trial in Austin to determine how much money Jones will have to pay two Sandy Hook parents he spoke to for years and was caught in a big lie on Wednesday.

It happened during cross-examination when plaintiffs’ attorney Mark Bankston accused Jones of lying to the court when he claimed in a deposition that he had previously turned over all documents related to his discussions about the 2012 school shooting , including text messages. as part of the discovery process.

He hadn’t, but as Bankston revealed, Jones’ own lawyers ended up accidentally sending an entire digital copy of Jones’ cellphone, including every text message for the past two years.

As a result, Jones conceded to Bankston: “This is your moment ‘Perry Mason.’

Naturally, people had plenty to say on Twitter. Ben Collins of NBC News said it reminded him of a different long-running crime series – “Law & Order”.

However, a former writer of the series responded to his tweet, saying that the plot device would never fly in the series.

However, another reporter, Raw Story’s Sarah Burris, couldn’t help but dream…

Other Twitter users, including comedian Tim Heidecker, admitted they enjoyed watching Jones suffer from climbing the stand.

But others felt that the disclosure of the text messages would go beyond the trial.

One person who seemed very interested in the existence of Jones’ text messages was none other than his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, who had a contempt child custody hearing in 2017 and once called him “a really unhappy person.”

He said on Twitter that he wants to subpoena the data.

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