September 26, 2022

The Conservative Party’s internal vote to choose Britain’s next Prime Minister has been delayed over fears of election hacking.

Fears of possible hacking in the Conservative Party leadership election resulted in the election being delayed, while extra security measures were added to the ballot.

With leader Boris Johnson having finally announced his resignation last month, Conservative Party members must now choose between former Lib Dem Liz Truss and Chinese philanthropist Rishi Sunak – both of whom are linked in some way to people. Economic Forum — for the position of leader of the Tory Party and, by extension, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

However, according to a report with The Telegraph published last night, that vote has now been delayed after British government authorities informed the party that the poll was vulnerable to hacking by what the paper described as “bad actors”.

While authorities reportedly claimed there was no obvious specific party they knew of that wanted to hack the election, inherent vulnerabilities in the process meant Iran, China or Russia could theoretically compromise the integrity of the vote.

As a result, the party has chosen to delay the vote and is removing the option for voters to retroactively change their ballot online, in the hope of making the process more secure.

“Your ballot is now on its way – but it will arrive with you a little later than we originally said,” a message from the party to individual members reportedly read.

“Please don’t worry,” he continued. “This is because we needed some time to add some extra security to our ballot process, which delayed us slightly.”

Despite the delay, Tory party infighting continues in the battle to choose the UK’s next prime minister, with reports on Tuesday night suggesting former Liberal Liz Truss has widened her lead over her WEF colleague Rishi Sunak.

However, with Truss and Sunak making many positively progressive promises of more climate madness, as well as more immigration, Conservative voters seem to be turning against both, with a slim majority Now he is reportedly upset that current Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ousted in the first place.

Moreover, given the choice between the three candidates, and not just between Truss and Sunak, many voters want Boris Johnson to remain in the top job, with the outgoing prime minister leading Truss’s nearest rival by a whopping 12 points.

While Boris Johnson’s spokespeople have previously said the Prime Minister has no intention of trying to stay in power, this poll may now turn things around and put to rest previous rumors circulated by Tory insiders that Johnson wanted to remain in office. power to seem a slightly more likely scenario.

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