December 1, 2023

Los Angeles Angels - Kansas City Royals
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Kansas City Royals pitcher Amir Garrett got into an altercation with a fan during Tuesday’s game against the Chicago White Sox. Garrett ended up throwing a drink at a fan who tackled him near the Royals dugout.

Here is an excerpt of the incident:

Garrett was on his way back to the Royals bullpen when he had clearly had enough of the fan. In the video, Garrett stopped to yell at a man in a gray shirt and appeared to throw water at the fan, which also landed on a young fan sitting nearby.

The veteran reliever revealed after the game that the fan was “disrespecting” him before the incident.

“Hear the disrespect is crazy in these parks,” Garrett he wrote in response to the video on Twitter. “I really wish I could go to someone’s job and run my mouth. These are grown men talking shit. How miserable do you have to be with your life?”

A person claiming to be the fan on Twitter stated that the fight came about because he told Garrett he “stinked.”

It is unclear whether the fan will be punished for the incident. Neither the Royals nor the White Sox have publicly commented on the altercation.

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