March 2, 2024

You know what they say: Wednesday is for Wordles. Well, I guess every day is for Wordles, but Wednesday above all. Because alteration is fun. Wednesday’s warriors work to woo each other with the wonderful Wordles.

Yes, I need more caffeine it seems. Time to pick up the coffee again. I’ll admit I’m a little tired from long days on the road, traveling with my kids to Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Through desert and forest and plain and mountain range. Through small towns and huge, concrete cities. From hotel to accommodation on AirBnB.

And every day, another Wordle to quench my thirst for puzzles. Let’s take a look at today’s, shall we? It’s a little easier than yesterday’s word!

Today’s Wordle #410 Hint & Answer

Yes, there are spoilers in this post. You have been warned.

The hint: Something wasted on the kids.

The answer:

Well, my first guess was a bust, leaving me with 372 picks. Then again, crane it wouldn’t be better. Both words eliminate A, E, and P. The final answer contains no letters from either word—both open us up to a good second guess to narrow things down further.

Tours it did just that, reducing my possible solutions to just 6. The Wordle Bot wants me to believe that hoist would be better, and chalks the result up to luck, but in this case tours is by far the best word, giving me OU in green, with a yellow T.

That yellow T was critical. Without TI I could have guessed a word ‘CH’ in guess 3, but instead I went with mouth and narrowed my choices down to just one: Youth.

Youth is wasted on the young, as they say. We realize this—slowly—throughout our lives.

Be well, young padawans. See you tomorrow.

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