October 4, 2022

Are ‘Novids’ special or just lucky in avoiding COVID-19?


Boston — If you consider yourself a “Novid”, in other words, someone who never had COVID-19, are you wrong, special or just lucky? Researchers are trying to answer this question.

It’s estimated that more than 70% of Americans have been infected at some point during the pandemic, but we all know someone who says they’ve never had it. The data suggests that millions of Americans who think they’ve never had COVID actually had it, but weren’t tested because they didn’t have it. symptoms or they just thought they had a common cold or allergies.

That said, there are some people who have managed to avoid COVID, and researchers are studying them to try to find out why. For example, people who work from home, consistently wear masks and continue to social distance, are actively protecting themselves.

But others may have genetic or immune system advantages that offer greater protection. Others may have had previous exposure to similar viruses or take medications for other conditions that provide some protection.

Right now, scientists don’t know who is at greater risk of infection and who isn’t, so be sure to stay informed about the COVID-19 vaccine, which is everyone’s best defense against this ever-changing virus.

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