December 8, 2023

Alton Brown’s recipe was pretty standard, but I had to use a kitchen scale to measure my ingredients.

Alton Brown Ingredients 1

Alton Brown’s Cookie Ingredients.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Brown’s recipe it specifically calls for bread flour to help give them a really chewy texture. She also said that replacing an egg white with milk also helps make the cookies chewier.

Unfortunately, there was no bread flour in my grocery store, but a quick internet search told me that using all purpose would be fine.

Other than that, the ingredients needed were pretty standard for a chocolate chip cookie recipe – and called for a fair amount of chocolate chips (12 ounces total).

Brown also measures almost everything in ounces for more accurate amounts and better control of the finished product, so I had to get out my trusty kitchen scale when measuring my ingredients.

The dough was simple to make and everything came together beautifully.

Alton Brown Procedure 1

I used a mixer to combine my ingredients.

Paige Bennett for Insider

I was worried that Brown’s process would be too complicated – he is known to be very scientific in his cooking and baking methods – but it was actually quite simple.

I creamed the butter and sugar, then beat and sifted the rest of the ingredients before finally adding the chocolate chips.

By the time the dough was mixed and out, it smelled and looked heavenly.

Alton Brown Process 2

I had to wait for it to cool down.

Paige Bennett for Insider

After mixing my ingredients, I realized I needed to pop this tempting dough in the fridge to chill for an hour.

Waiting 60 minutes before I could smell these cookies baking in the oven was the ultimate test of will for me — but I prevailed.

After an hour, I followed the specific directions to place six 1.5 ounce portions of cookie dough onto two baking sheets. I relied on my kitchen scale again, carefully weighing each ball of dough before baking them.

I baked two sheets of dough at a time, so I had two rounds of baking for a total of two dozen cookies.

Even without bread flour, these cookies puffed up nicely and had a chewy texture.

Alton Brown Final 2

The final cookie I made using Alton Brown’s recipe.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Brown specifically calls for baking the cookies for 15 minutes, rotating halfway through. I actually took the first batch out 30 seconds early because they started smelling too much.

They looked great but were a bit more golden than I would have liked. For the second batch, I took them out about 90 seconds early and they looked perfect.

Even though I couldn’t use bread flour, these cookies puffed up nicely and were taller than the other recipes I tried.

Even though the first batch seemed a little overdone, all of the cookies looked very tasty.

Of the three cookies I made, these had the largest puffiness and the smallest diameter — making the inside chewy and fluffy.

Alton Brown Final 1

The cookies were golden.

Paige Bennett for Insider

There is a lot of brown sugar in the recipe, which I think contributed to the richer flavor of these chocolate chip cookies.

They had the slightest crunch on the edge and bottom, but the top and middle were soft.

The amount of chocolate chips was perfect – it wasn’t overwhelming, and I also didn’t want more.

That said, if you do make them, I recommend checking in on your cookies around the 12 minute mark.

Duff Goldman’s recipe was pretty easy to follow.

Duff Goldman Ingredients 1

Ingredients for Duff Goldman Cookies.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Goldman is known for their famous pastries, so I had high hopes his recipe.

The ingredient list for this is simple, and since I love baking, I had almost all the ingredients for this: all-purpose flour, salt, baking soda, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and of course, chocolate chips.

Making Goldman’s cookies was easy.

Duff Goldman Procedure 1

The dough also formed quite quickly.

Paige Bennett for Insider

This recipe was quick and easy — I didn’t have to melt the butter on the stove or even beat the eggs before adding them to the batter.

After mixing, the dough wasn’t as strongly flavored as Brown’s, but that’s likely because the butter for Goldman’s recipe wasn’t melted beforehand.

After quickly making the dough, these cookies went into the oven for about 10 minutes, although the recipes suggest 8 to 12 minutes, depending on how nice you like your cookies.

These cookies made me swoon over their picturesque ripples.

Duff Goldman final 2

The cookies were buttery and soft.

Paige Bennett for Insider

One thing I really love about a chocolate chip cookie is a strong set of ripples that start a little in the center and crinkle all the way to the edge.

Usually, this is accomplished by pulling your cookies out of the oven a little early, tapping the pan on the counter, and putting them back in the oven until they finish baking.

Goldman’s cookies didn’t need to be slapped on the counter to come out looking like they belonged on the cover of a food magazine.

After just one bite of these cookies, I was in love.

Duff Goldman final 1

They looked like they were from a professional bakery.

Paige Bennett for Insider

The edges were nice and crispy. The center was fluffy and soft, but not undercooked.

These golden brown cookies looked perfect and had the perfect amount of chocolate chips — a few in each bite, but not too many that the chocolate was all I could taste.

These cookies were also quite buttery, so I kept a paper towel nearby as I ate them.

The cookies were, surprisingly, very chocolatey.

Martha Stewart final 2

The cookie I made using Stewart’s recipe was full of chocolate.

Paige Bennett for Insider

The cookies came out of the oven with dark, crispy edges and a paler center.

It had a higher rise than Goldman’s, but not as high as Brown’s. They also had a little waviness around the edges and a slightly larger diameter than Brown’s.

These cookies were also delicious, although more chocolatey than the others.

Martha Stewart final 1

The cookies were a perfect gem.

Paige Bennett for Insider

The centers looked slightly leftover, so the cookies were quite fluffy and crumbly. The edges, however, were cooking much faster and were just trembling on the edge of overkill.

After dumping an entire 24oz bag of chocolate chips into the dough, I knew it was going to be chocolatey.

The chocolate chips were a bit overwhelming for my palette. Even though I really like chocolate, I could do with a little less.

Dare I say they have a lot of chocolate?

Ultimately, Goldman’s recipe was a cut above the rest.

Paige with Duff Goldman's finale

The cookies I made using Duff Goldman’s recipe blew me away.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Every cookie I tried was delicious. I would make all three recipes again and again.

I loved the super chewy texture from Brown’s recipe, the generous chocolate chips from Stewart’s, and the lovely ripples of flavor from Goldman’s.

Overall, the Goldman’s balance of chocolate flavor, slightly crunchy edges, and soft, luscious center won me over, but I had no trouble devouring all three types of cookies after I finished baking.

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